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Slave Trade in Morocco?


Authorities Examine New Purported Photo of Madeleine McCann in Morocco
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
By David Brown in Praia da Luz and Patrick Foster


Photo taken in Morocco purported to be Madeleine McCann.
A snatched picture purporting to be of Madeleine McCann in north Morocco was published last night, generating new momentum in the search for her.

Gerry and Kate McCann called last night for the picture, taken on August 31 by a Spanish tourist and handed to the McCanns�?? lawyers yesterday morning, to be fully investigated.

The picture shows a light-skinned, blonde-haired girl being carried in a sling on a Moroccan woman�??s back near the town of Zinat. It is the fourth reported sighting of a girl fitting Madeleine�??s description in Morocco since she disappeared on May 3 but the first published picture.

A Spanish newspaper reported yesterday that another tourist saw a girl resembling Madeleine as she drove through the town of Zaio in northern Morocco at the end of May."


So, who's the slave really? The woman carrying or the one carried?

I'm confused.


Yeah, I opened the thread all set to be horror-struck and outraged, but I'm a little lost.

Slave trade and baby-stealing, while both egregious, are very different things.

But I will go ahead and come down as being firmly against both. I'll upgrade to "outraged" as the situation becomes clearer.


Wait, the girl is four years old? That's nearly the size of a kindergartner. How does she fit in a sling?

They must have slings in Morocco that are a lot larger and more substantial than the ones I see people in America carrying infants in.


HH, trying to tug at the old heart-strings again?

You people must remember HH is notorious for exploiting the sensibilities of moral people--whether there is actual truth in his choice of words or not.


Perhaps the person carrying the child in the sling is more substantial as well.


Just to make things absolutely clear, I must declare that a substantial portion of the Moroccan indigenous population (Berbers not Arabs), are light skinned, clear eyed and with blondish hair. People speculate that it's a legacy of the Vikings' passage in North Africa.


True, the Americans using slings to carry their infants are probably more likely to be vegetarian than American non-sling-users. Possibly not as substantial as Moroccan sling-users, if they eat more heartily. You're right.

Maybe I should go ahead and express outrage over that, since I have some left over.

Here goes: plunderers and rapists make me sick.

But..."clear eyed"?


Stealing a child, blonde and blue-eyed, and taking her to North Africa sounds a lot like a pedophile ring to me. Some sheik scum gets off buggering a little blonde girl.

If they find these people, they should turn the flamethrowers on 'em.


They are no pedophiles in Morocco.



Blah blah blah, the McCann, we're supposed to feel sorry for some negelctant rich people.

I for one, don't feel sorry for them, despite how many celebrities say I should.


Quite true but you are stirring up a bunch of hoopla over something that may or may not even be factually correct. This is all alleged until we get some real proof that this is indeed happening.

Please note, this does not preclude any moral outrage I would feel over such behavior.


I am also prepared to muster further outrage, should the pedophile ring prove a legitimate concern.

I'm inclined to agree with gatesoftanhauser that the parents were negligent. Who leaves their child unattended in a foreign country to go eat?

Editing to add that unlike gatesoftanhauser, I do feel sorry for the parents. Stupid mistakes or not, no one deserves to have this happen to them.


They have already identified the kid in question. Not McCann.


This thread will self destruct in ...









The Vikings? Try the Vandals. Vandals and Alans, under King Gaiseric, crossed into Africa around 429 BC. They built a moderately strong navy in North Africa.


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Not anymore than the Irish are indigenous to the US.


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The same way they are present in many other places around the world. Migrations, invasions, etc...

Just so you know, Berbers constitute 3/4 of all Moroccans.