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Slaps for Pre-Lift Psyching


best vids showing lifters getting slapped right before a big lift

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rfwYFJoVVo Johnnie Jackson

rugby pre-match psyching


And look at who it is slapping JJ... lol!!


If someone slaps me before I lift, they better get ready to get slapped back.


Go ahead, slap Ed Coan.



John Henderson getting pumped for a game


Back when I volunteered at the World Weightlifting Championships in 2003, I saw some of the Bulgarian and Romanian coaches doing that to their lifters. It was shocking to see at first because I had no idea what was going on (I'm just a wrestler that enjoys weightlifting, so my knowledge of these things is limited). I asked one of the Russian coaches what the hell was that about and he said that it's supposed to activate the "fight or flight" response by triggering all the sensitive nerves in your spinal column (that's my best translation of what he said). It was pretty neat to see up close.




For Jackson, that isn't quite as crazy of an idea. That would be an awesome fight to watch!