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SLAP Lesion


Hey, guys. I'm 35 and have undergone SLAP II lesion repair six weeks ago. Is there anyone who's had this done and is back to lifting relatively close to what they'd done prior to the injury? I have been told by my orthopedist that I cannot do military and bench presses of any sort now. This is pretty discouraging, and I would love to hear that others have been able to bounce back and get into the gym for some reasonable lifting again.




I just had this surgery and am not expecting to lift for 2-3 months outside of PT. I also had tears in my rotator cuff and parts of the labrum that could not be repaired. Could you keep us updated on your progress.


I have been trying to ignore it but I think I am at a point where I also need to get it repaired. Not exactly an answer for you but how did the operation / re-hab go for ya'll? How long in a sling, thanks!


i had 8-9 months of pain past the initial effect/injury and conservative treatment. I am only 1-week post-op.


I wouldn't screw around with something like this. Trying to get back in the saddle too early is not worth it. Be patient. If you are really concerned with getting back as fast as safely possible. Contact a Certified Athletic Trainer or a Physical Therapist with a Sports Medicine Specialty.


My sling was in use for 4 weeks.

I began formal PT at 4 weeks, although you can do Codman exercises prior to that. Be careful, though, because damaging the repair is more of a concern than adhesive capsulitis. Probably better off taking the arm out of the sling and GENTLY raising it to parallel to the floor in front of you a few times a day.

Right now I am six weeks post-op and have been doing 1# dumbbell exercises for scaption, etc. Here is a good link to use:


Like others have said, the early stages require VERY light weights.

I'll update as I go. Thanks to all who are participating and good luck, guys!