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Slap Chop


Lol this shit is hilarious.


You're gonna love my nuts!


If you've slapped a hooker, you've slapped a chop. It's the same shit



Onions make me cry just like hookers, and what do I do to hookers?

I slap 'em!


It's too bad the guy got in trouble with the law and terminated his brief infomercial career, he would've been a continual laugh riot.





I think is funny and relevant too!


The best one yet



I thought this was going to be the video that the OP had... the slap chop remix is funny... that first video sucked balls.


Really? See I thought this one sucked, didn't laugh at all. To each their own


^^you must have a terrible sense of humor lol :slight_smile:


My roommate's name is Shannon one of her many nicknames is ShanWOW (Yes, this came long before JWOW)


LOL, that's what I was going to say before I even opened the thread.


This is the best Shamwow parody I have yet to see.

These guys should write for TV, if they don't already


^^ Lol now THAT's funny.


lol, i love that video.

i figured this is an appropriate place to put the billy mays redubbed videos.


"Spilled some water? Not anymore!....Paper towel." lol!


i luled my ass at most of this shit.

pretty sure i'm losing my fucking mind.