Slanted Squats

The patio I keep my squat rack on has a bit of a slant to it. Only about 10 degrees or so but it’s enough to be noticeable. I currently have it turned so that the incline is running downward from right to left. I’m a bit worried that this position will give me imbalances or put me at risk to hyper extend one knee though. Just curious as to which way to turn the rack so that it’s the least detrimental to my squats.

Turn it so you are facing down, that way it’s just like you have slightly higher heels in your shoes. You definitely don’t want to have it sloping side to side, asking for trouble

Really it’s going to cause you problems in any direction. My suggestion would be to build a platform to level it out.

I had the same thing in my garage gym. I highly suggest you build a platform to level out the area you’ll be lifting on. Squatting with the slant running from side to side will fuck up (in order) your ankles, knees, hips, spine and neck over time.