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Slanted Front Squat, Help


so i'm tilting a bit forward although i try to lean back as much as possible, yet it just isn't working. any tips?


A lot of times if you look up (tilt your head back and look at the ceiling) it'll help keep the elbows up and the upper back straight.


stop tilting :slightly_smiling:


pull your elbows in to make your arms more stable, and the limiting factor is sometimes core strength so after a few sessions at the same weight your abs will be conditioned and you can lift more weight/reps.


i can handle the weight, but i just keep tilting. i think my elbows stay up here but its just my back is slanted, not rounded


or after a few sessions at the same weight his back mightn't work anymore. I'm not about to pretend I feel advanced enough that I can give advice on lifting technique, but when technique is wrong I don't see how continually practicing with bad technique helps much.





dude you have one weight facing in, then one out, then one in.



ummm, i really don't think the lean was the crazy. x2 on the looking up




the lift is initated at the knees first,not the hips


Am I the only one who thinks there was nothing really wrong with either of those squats??

The squats were really sweet, just stop breathing into your chest. You can see the bar bouncing up and down at the top as you do it, you'll never be able to do hat with heavy weights, suck it into your belly instead.


Push your elbows higher, especially at the bottom.


You aren't. Those squats look decent to me...


To me it looks like your upper back is rounding slightly near the bottom of the front squats. Its far from a major problem now, but as you approach max weights it will be a much bigger problem. Focus on maintaining a big 'puffed out' chest throughout the lift, especially as you get deeper.


The title says "FRONT" squat. The problem as I see it is that the bar is on the back of your shoulders. For a front squat, it should be on the front of the shoulders.



No one has perfect form. Does his form put him in danger of injury? Does his form appear to hinder his ME attempt at a 1RM? If not, no problems IMO.


Watch the entire video :wink:


Exactly what I was thinking. The front squats especially looked good.


LOL @ the backsquat comment

ok so yes, at higher weights my elbows do fall (who knows why I think it's my back is weak). to me these squats were decent enough, but there were many opinions stating otherwise, and some T-people agree. I'll try the belly thing and looking up next week.

what did you mean by weights in and out?


The front squats look fine, but on the back squats I'd suggest pulling your elbows forward a bit more on the way up