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Slanted/Asymmetrical Shoulders/Back




Another pic


Did you carry a heavy backpack over one shoulder while you were in school?


[quote]smallmike wrote:
Did you carry a heavy backpack over one shoulder while you were in school?[/quote]

No, but I did/sometimes do carry a bag over my left shoulder. It is a one strap bag that hangs to the side. I am sure this has something to do with it…I have been doing it a lot less now and am much more cautious about it

Any tips on how to rehab this? Thanks.


You need to train your nervous system to stop the postural habit of shrugging your shoulder. Consciously practice holding your shoulder blades down and back. Become aware of your posture throughout the day and correct yourself. It will take awhile for it to become habit, but eventually you will stop the involuntary shrugging. (I had the same problem.)


Any tips on how to go about doing this? Thanks.


Also, I notice from the pic that my arms fall forward in a resting position - what gives and should I try to fix this as well?


Just practice pulling your shoulder blades down and back and keeping your chest up throughout the day. The internal rotation of your arms is likely due to tight pec major and/or pec minor. Hard to tell with your shirt on, but if your arms are in that position and the edge of your shoulder blade nearest your spine is winging, it is pec minor tightness.


Thanks. I can keep my chest up and scapula back, but I am not sure how to keep it down and depressed. I suppose I just don’t have that mind muscle connection established.