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Slammy Sammy,Slammin' Juice?

Nah, he’s not on juice, just cries cause a Sports Illustrated reporter asked him to be tested. Then goes on camera to respond to his freak -out, and can’t string a sentence together that makes any sense. Jesus,the guys on CNN are asking the reporter, “are you suspicious of Sosa?” .Duhhhhh,I really think this is a no brainer(not just with Sammy,but with many). Things are starting to come to a head,they’ll definetly strike if they demand testing.I know this subject is old,but just wondering if anyone else saw this?

I also find it quite funny that the article on Netscape refering to Sosa’s ordeal had an article beside it that stated “Bonds, countdown to 600”. Don’t even think about telling that Bonds is juicin’. . . . . .No way, man,he’s just hitting the weights hard!! a ,ha,a. . ha,hahahaha

Sammy will be clean by the time he gets tested, but if he was clean now, he would have accepted that challenge. Instead, he threy a temper tantrum. You don’t need a microsope to read the writing on the wall folks. However, when the players union finally agrees to it though, he will be clean. They will stall to protect themselves(as a whole), and by the time they actually have to take those tests, they will all be clean. In all honesty, I think that’s whats best for the sport anyways. Positive tests today could tarnish the sport forever, clean tests tomorrow will show that things are cleaned up, and people will forget about this fiasco over time.

I don’t quite understand the players’ supposed fears of being tested. It can only help them. Look at the NFL. They get “tested”, thus receiving credit for a clean organization, while steroid use is rampant among its players. They should go ahead and agree to be tested and then work around it like all other athletes do.

Sammy was in a no win situation. The reporter, §rick reilly, has no class. He went up to Sammy and handed him piece of paper with the address of a Testing Center. He told Sammy to really clear his name he should go and get tested. If Sammy says ‘no’ or ‘yes’, the reporter has his story. I don’t mind drug testing, but the way he presented it to Sammy was in poor taste. Who is this reporter to ask anybody to go and do a drug test? Now he is the Judge and Jury and can tell anyone to go get drug tested. I don’t care who you are, you ask anyone point blank to pee in a bottle, all of them are going to say no. I’m surprised that Sammy didn’t go off on him, I know I would have.

Uhhhh. I don’t think that we all read the same accounts of this story. Sosa has been VERY vocal about being clean, and that he would welcome taking a test… Based on this information, Reilly asked him to simply follow through with HIS claims about taking the test. I don’t really care if Sosa is on 'roids or not. I do object to him saying “TEST ME” and then backing off when challenged to take the test.