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Slammed on my Back/Side


This is probably a better forum than the combat forum to post, though that's how I got injury.

Happened Monday, still been training on it light. Probably won't roll again till next Monday.

I have a bit of a bruise (fading), but I'm wondering if I have a bone bruise on my ribs. I can "feel it" when I breath deep, or take contact to the region.

Is there a better way to diagnose exactly the extend of the injury? I'm 99% sure nothing is broken.

Is something like this okay to train on as long as I can deal with the pain, or do I really need to stay off it?

Basically what I've been doing is trying to stay anti-inflammatory; lots of fish oil, water, avoiding grain. And soaking in Dead Sea Salts.

Advice appreciated.



I had a similar injury from being slammed down while my partner was hip throwing me. Doc x-rayed me & my rib had separated a bit from the spine. I just had to do light training for a few weeks - but if the pain hasn't started decreasing at all maybe you should take a week off from rolling.


It had. Actually, the pain was pretty much gone yesterday... then last night I rolled...