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Slacking for 6mo, Lost Motivation, Cycle Advice


My name is Cormac, I’m new to this forum. Im a 24 yr old thai boxer from ireland. Met a girl 6 months ago and my training went to shit. Now its over I’m struggling to come to terms with my poor physique and need a good 16week cycle to geive me that kickstart back into training. I am 6ft5 and only 210lbs at the minute. My cycle is

Week 1-3 -300ml Test Prop
400ml Test Enanthate
400ml Deca
Week 4-12-400ml Test Enanthate
400ml Deca
Week 12-16-400ml Test Enanthate
400ml Deca
60mg clenbuterol

My aim is for solid lean gains with minimum bloat. All advice is welcome. Also could you please advise as to what pct i should use. I was thinking either clomid or nolva for 6weeks? Thank you

That’s a good looking cycle. I know I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those long ass arms sixteen weeks from now!

If you can get some hcg, that’s probably going to help. Your boys won’t like being shut down for four months. I’m not a veteran or anything but I don’t think you can overdo the pct. Nolva? CLomid? Why not both?

Give em hell!

I would up the test to 500mg at least and run an AI to control the bloat. Hcg is a good idea as well. I would also stop the deca two weeks before stopping the test.

Pct of Nolva/clomid or both for four weeks will work, I prefer both

So glad i’m out of the fighting game… 6’5’’ 210 lbs about to start a cycle… youll come out a BEAST!!! post some vids of you whipping ass after the cycle bro!

You look way bigger than 210…I have been about 6’5 since I was like 15 (and 160 pounds LOL) and I remember when I hit the 210 mark, I didn’t look near as big as you.