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Slacker Needs Sins Forgiven

Feel free to read only the last paragraph if you’re wondering what my question is.So I’m one of those people who has been doing weights for years but doing pretty much the same exercises at almost the same weight so not far off a beginner. Time to say enough is enough and really get cracking on some real building. I have been looking at WSFSB/5-3-1/5X5s and to be honest cant decide what is the best to use.

I’m 24, 5’11 and 94kgs. My current routine looks like this with 12,10,10,8 reps of each with 2 days on,1 off, 2 on, 2 off:
Bench Flat(s)80,90,100
Bench Incline(s)70,80,90
Bench Decline(s)70,80,90
Chest Flies(m)80,90,100
Biceps curls(b) 50,55,60
Triceps extensions(b) 50,55,60
Chin ups 1X10

Shoulder Press(b) 70,75,80
Upright Row(b) 60,70,75
Shrugs(b) 70,80,90
Biceps Curls(b) 50,55,60
Triceps extensions(b) 50,55,60
Chin ups 1X10
(b barbell,s smith, m machine)

Generally I’d throw in a limited amount of very basic stuff for forearms and abdomen and sprint for about 10 mins total for warm up/cool down. Stuck in a college gym with no power rack so non smith squats are out. Last 1rm deadlift was 190 but haven’t done them in a while.

I’m also kind of confused as to whether high weight low rep offers the same size gains as low weight high rep(always thought it the latter). As mentioned I have been looking at a lot of articles but cant really decide based on what I have written here. I have learned I’ll be eating a lot more and peanuts and milk ftw.

Currently the diet is almost solely brown bread sandwiches(meat/cheese/coleslaw), chicken rolls(white) and college breakfasts(lots of scrambled egg). I’d drink once a week(~25 units which aint too bad…I’m Irish),creatine for a week out of a month and get around 5-6 hours sleep a night with a few naps thrown in for good measure.

So my goals are to gain strength#1 >size#2 >definition#3 in that order and am wondering the best approach in terms of exercise routine, diet and supplements. Oh and sorry to be backwards but all weights are in kgs.

Get on a real program.

Ai I know I was wondering which, I was leaning towards one of the following: WSFSB/5-3-1/5X5s

No power rack, huh? I suggest you switch colleges.

[quote]cheesey wrote:
Ai I know I was wondering which, I was leaning towards one of the following: WSFSB/5-3-1/5X5s[/quote]

Anything that includes work for your entire body. You’ve got no lower body work and very little for your back. Any of the ones you listed are fine programs and have yielded great results for a lot of people. Just make sure you do the whole program.

stay with the basics, if you want to add size first then nothing can beat the mirror muscles, use the basic six, or something near it, squats, flat bench, pull ups, military press, barbell bicep curl, and deadlift. Start with weight you can do 8 to 10 reps and learn the proper form. Then increase the weights and go lower reps, but form is crucial.