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SL5x5 Next Step with Olympic Lifts

I Started strong lifts about 3 months ago to get my lifts to where they were in high school. i graduated last December and tried to lift, but was very inconsistent until august when I started SL. I’m astonished in how quickly my strength has come back. Now that I’m around the strongest I’ve been previously I’m starting to plateau on all my lifts, dropping sets consistently. I added Hang clean and snatch to the auxiliary list, just because i love these lifts. now my real question is where do i move to now. Three days a week is great, and i want to keep doing these main lifts. what programs should i be looking at for getting stronger.

5’8" 165lbs

squat 285lb 5x5

deadlift 285lb 1x5

oh press 115lb 5x5

bent row 160lb 5x5

snatch 125lb 5x3

hangclean 185 5x3

Thanks everyone, anything would help, i want to set new personal records -Tyler


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Brook Kubik chaulk and sweat is amazing. Programs that include the big 3, o-lifts, BW, and combos.