SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

It’s a bit too much of a blanket statement, and I think it is becoming more accepted to do this, but yes, that is the general opinion.


It may be. I always wondered why people mixed it up a little, like Pitt/Penn State, CMU/Stanford etc.

The argument I’ve heard is that going to different institutions provides “intellectual diversity”, but I don’t quite get why switching institutions is good if the home institution has top ppl

It really depends on the field and the specialization. Many feel that scholarly breadth is a good thing and that staying at the same place limits exposure to different people and ways of doing things and may even reflect a lack of intellectual curiosity. Some PhD programs may not even accept undergraduates from the same university. In the end, doing what research you want and the quality of that research are what matter most, so some people find that their home institution truly is the best fit at that time.

So, many students go elsewhere. Many find that while their alma mater exposed them to a subject they adore enough to dedicate 5-6 years of their life toward studying, some other place offers faculty who research a more enticing specialty in said subject. A lot of people opt to go for wherever they feel is best research-wise, regardless of location. Others didn’t at all like where they did their bachelor’s and simply want to escape that place.

Some want to stay in a specific state or region because of family or whatever other preference – after all, not everyone accepted to a PhD program is fresh out of college. They might have family members for whom they must care, and a cross-country move is not feasible. Or someone refuses to study at a program located in the south even though it’s a good fit otherwise because they would be absolutely miserable living there for so long.

Edit: This is more the case for PhD programs: many schools offer steep discounts to their undergraduates to stay 1-2 extra years for their master’s.


Well Thank you both very much for this education on intellectual development.

I really wasn’t expecting a conversation like this to emerge from a post today, but I really appreciate it!


If I can add anything to the conversation, can I just say that I too dislike the rain.


Gene knew how to handle the weather in the 'Burgh.


Merry Christmas Pete. Good to see you’re still kicking. How are you?

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Some ups & downs, but went through that locust log in one swing!

How about you!?!

Living the dream. New store is open in Moon. Finally escaping accounting. Waist is still 36" so I have to take that more seriously. Hair is thinning at the back. Yikes.

Speaking of splitting logs. My newer fiskars splitting axe is downright scary. Was splitting 12" rounds on top of a notted 56" round of oak that may as well be butcher block. With one swing I split both and the axe landed on my left foot. Got away with one there. Barely any blood.

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Barely any! My brother also has one of those, and it has stayed surprisingly sharp through use. He loves it too.

The escape plan and store opening is great to hear!

I’m going to have to give you a holler in a day or so. I know tomorrow is going to be a doozy!


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Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

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Merry Christmas Sky

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And Merry Christmas to you!

And @dagill2

And @EmilyQ


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! And merry Christmas to kitty!!!

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Thank you.

I hope yours is warm and bright, as I write this from the dark and rainy netherworld.

:rofl:. It really is though. Wow.


They’re very happy with their new kitty basket.


Is that a Tartan bed?

It is. They’re The McKittens. Skye and Angus.