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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

Congrats. That’s an amazing accomplishment, that’s a lot of time.

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That’s only thing I’ve done most continuously/consistently in my life.

I wouldn’t be here without it.


Thats a massive achievement man.


I never thought I’d make it this far. It really does pile up after a while!



Here’s some warm up and finding my settings. Don’t laugh too hard, it has been a couple years, new machine I’m not used to, the sun was in my eyes…

The top one is 6013, the bottom ones are 6011.

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Not sure which is the top and bottom but it looks like you got a little too hot in that one place. No terrible undercuts or anything. Looks a heeluva lot better than my first try at stick welding after many years :rofl::rofl::rofl:

There we go. That pic was disoriented.

Yeah, the hole. I did that a while back with 7018. I was so eager to play with the new toy that forgot how thin that piece is and blasted it with like 150 amps.
Bloop went the metal. :rofl:

All day to put a tab on and build a knob thing for the hydraulics selector on a crane truck.

Freakin ugly but everything fits and works smoothly. I had to stick it because it was physically out of reach for mig.

I need to brush up a bit!

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Hey dude, I remember you wanting Kaz here for an AMA. Thought you’d dig this

I went to a Kaz seminar a few years ago, and this was almost EXACTLY what he discussed there, so this is like going to one of those for free. Only thing missing is the stuff you’d get from a Q&A.



The funny thing is, I wouldn’t even know what to ask him. He’s in a league of his own.

“That deadlift was 900 lbs., and it was really hard.”

:rofl: Yeah. That is.

I have a pallet of lumpy chunks of oak that have been saved from the maul that I’ll take for a walk every so often.

But the wife has a spidey sense (window on the back of the house) for my antics lately.


Finally finished. Very relatable in many ways.

The one thing that really stood out though- Why are people so mean to the paperboy? We were just trying to eat!

I swear, there are just some people, when they’re getting baptized the priest should tell them “You better learn to love yourself because the world is going to come at you HARD.”.

Actually did bring a tear to my eye, but also very uplifting.

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It’s funny how conversations can evolve.

Proud brother moment:

I realize this is a politically charged issue, but not trying to go all PWI.

Just happy to see my brother getting some play with the likes of Elon Musk.

Haven’t been up to much lately. I have a stress echo coming up in the beginning of December, so there’s some stuff the doc wants to look into. Lack of energy/recovery capacity has had me bogged down, so I’ve been using what I do have for other obligations.

Speaking of which:

Hey @boilerman, been using that torch quite a bit lately. Used it to make a holder for wheel chocks this afternoon. Love the thing. It’s a blast! :fire: :laughing:.

Fit & finished.


That is awesome man!! I’m assuming you used it for cutting?

I’m not proficient whatsoever, or even slightly capable of welding- but your welds look incredible.

I’m entering a union where I live and they have free welding classes… I’m definitely going to sign up for a few. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn more about.

Cutting, heating, bending, even used it to blow pilot holes for the mounting bolts. That actually made it a lot easier than drilling a little hole then boring it to size. Just psst! Right through, then bore. It has become like my right hand.

Yessss! Jackpot!

That was how I started. The local Steamfitters do a welding course for all applicants. Didn’t get accepted into an apprenticeship, but that got me headed in the right direction. Learned from the best!

I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

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Wow, those bends look great too!

I’m pretty well versed in bending aluminum (window and fascia trim) and tin for ductwork but haven’t had the opportunity to do anything with really thick gauge stuff. I mostly use my kit for brazing refrigerant lines and cutting seized steam valve nuts off.

It certainly seems to have worked out for you!

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I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I know how big of a role gratitude plays, so this is like your holiday!

Anyways, I saw this and thought of you. :smiley:

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WELL, interestingly, I’m currently wearing a 30 day event monitor, after fainting last Saturday morning. Went to the ED because I busted my nose (broken, 8 stitches) (husband is insisting this is proof that I’m a snitch). When they asked what happened I told them, then offered that “but that’s normal for me. I’m pass-outy.” But apparently being pass-outy is NOT normal, so here I am, making sure that I’m not a drop-deader like my entire family.

So TG was spent with a broken nose, two black eyes, a fucked up wrist, bruises unending, probable concussion, and a cardiology referral.

However, work was fantastic about it (cancelled late appts Monday and Tuesday) and husband was absolutely lovely through it all. Thanksgiving was really nice. :upside_down_face:

How was yours?


Good googly moogly! I “liked” it, but it was done with a wincing face saying “daaaaaaaaaaaam” the whole time.

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Sorry, came here to read up on SkyzykS log and found your post.
My wife was pass-outy after having our daughter (5 years ago) and it didnt come to a resolution until about 6 months ago. Long story short: she would occasionally have field of vision loss and would rarely pass out, but was still cause for concern, and had headaches that medication did nothing to help. Went to the eye doctor for a new set of lenses when they found Optic Nerve swelling… A spinal tap and 3 MRI/MRV’s later, we found out her Transverse Sinus (right next to the jugular vein) was closing/closed on both sides. She needed and got a stent, luckily just in time.

What i’m getting at, is passing out is extremely not fucking normal and i hope you dont find yourself in the same boat we did. We had been trying to find the root cause of this issue for years and only found out why because of an eye doctor. For your own information, TSS (Transverse Sinus Stenosis) might be worth some reading - should you find time. The only way it was discovered was because of the stronger equipment the eye doctor has to look at the optic nerve - we’d seen a plethora of different doctors prior, all of whom said “here’s this headache medication”. :roll_eyes:

Anyways, i hope everything is okay with you. My wife fractured her forearm and hit the coffee table with The People’s Elbow during one of her pass-out events.


Ouch! But hey, maybe that puts you on a better path towards a solution or treatment plan for what ever is behind the passing out & stuff.

I refused to wear a monitor a few months prior to my heart attack when I was having like palpitations or something. I just drank a few bottles of pedialyte and that seemed to clear it up (not!). Then, well… kaboom.

Mine was awkward and boring. We went to the inlaws. The old man wasn’t nearly as drunk as usual and avoided saying anything mean or stupid, which was a relief, but there is always the apprehension that he will.

I made some rolls,

Which weren’t well received at all. I was kinda puzzled by that. I even made them to pull apart in these cool noodly swirls, which nobody experienced the joy of. Well, mom in law & the grandpap did, and loved them.

I guess it was all kind of strained. My brother in law said a lot of really regrettable stuff back in May & June of '20, and appeared to regret it. Such is life. His anyways.

So it was really just another one on the books. Nothing got broken and no one got hurt, so that clears my low bar for any type of family gathering.