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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log


Now the big question lingering in my mind is will it survive? :thinking:

It’s not Supposed to be subject to any great shock forces but that doesn’t mean somebody won’t tie off and try to yank a truck out of a ditch with such a conveniently placed thingamajigger just sitting there, looking like that’s what it’s for. :rofl:

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Noooooo!!! Someone wouldn’t even think such a thing. Sturdy looking post like that? They are going to treat it like the steel princess it is. :joy:

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I know these guys.

That thing stands no chance. :laughing:

It’s probably embedded half way up a tree as we speak.

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Did 3 miles on airdyne in 18 minutes, followed by

Ez curl bar rows 20 reps @ 50 lbs. Combined with OHP, 10 reps @ 70 lbs.

3 rounds.

Felt like real shit. Will be calling the doc on Monday to discuss the effects of removing the vasodilator. Bad side effects are gone but so are the desired effects.


What is the green thing always in the picture when you bring mushrooms home?

I can’t relate at all to your love of them (I like basic mushrooms, but go off them pretty quickly if I eat it too often, and haven’t loved fancier types), but I love your posts about them. So joyous!

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My guess is no. They’ll eventually either rip the welds or what it’s welded too :joy:

That is if they are like most tree crews lol

The cookie jar? That’s just there by coincidence. Its one of the remnants of my wife’s grandparents. I guess they used to make ceramic cookie jars and stuff, because we have at least 3 of them. “Family heirlooms”. That counter space is like the only substantial flat always open designated to be used as food prep and flat space in the whole house. That’s my food scale standing on edge between it and the side of the microwave too.

Everything else ends up getting something put on or in it.

I’m kind of protective of that space.

Thanks! It’s kinda like my way of exploring and figuring out an odd little niche of the world. And cooking!

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I capped it off the other day for full strength/thickness. It will have to tear the material underneath off. Still not out of the question.

These dudes are exceptional, in pretty much every way.

Last year a guy (no longer there) put some kind of decent sized rock through the chipper. It exploded the knives and put a huge rip through the outside drum. Pretty much like gutting the machine.

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We use a ton of tree crews and have one that’s a Manual crew. Not much English is spoken, if any BUT! When we need it done right or if it’s super sketchy, they are the ones we call. They do some amazing stuff.

I’ve also seen my fair share of Fischer price my first manual labor job, and while funny, usually costs us a lot of extra work lol

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Yeah, we/they (I don’t go out with the crew anymore) really are pretty damn good. My buddy has like almost 30 years of experience under his belt at this point and the other main guy has like 20. There isn’t much of anything they haven’t done.

We just had a couple of little tornados or microbursts touch down the other day. That makes for some interesting and busy times!

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Sorry to hear about that.

Hope your doctors get the meds figured out
And that you get to feeling better.

Fwiw My dad suffered early onset heart disease at 46. He didn’t have any obvious risk factors for it. He was a runner non smoker blah blah blah. It’s been a thing he’s had to manage. But he’s 80 now and he’s still very active.



They probably will. They’re a pretty good bunch.

I just procrastinated checking in. Should have last week, but I kinda overly optimistically hoped I wouldn’t need to.

I was wrong.

I was 47 when this began, but it definitely had a running start. I can think back at least 5 years prior that there were signs. After the fact, of course.

Apparently we have a strong family history of it, like 5 for 5 among me and my siblings. But none of us ever talked about it until Bam! I had a lot of other risk factors too, like drinking, drug use, smoking, but thought I had left them in the dust. Well, everything but smoking. Quit that pretty promptly though!

I’m always glad to hear that. I know that it has taken me down a notch (many notches!), but it’s good to hear that people can go on to have good long and loving lives with this.

I hope he continues to do well for many more years to come!


Nice fall camp fire night. Just cold enough to let you know how warm the fire is. Couldn’t get the neighbor-kitty mika to sit for a pic, but she kept me company all evening.


OMG, of course it’s a cookie jar! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. It always looks like the mushrooms are spilling out of it, so I thought it was a mushroom thing, haha.

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It looks like your pizza skills have improved since you got the new oven. Nice Job!


I can. It has that radioactive glow that doesn’t say “cookie jar”. It says Tommyknockers.


So, Yep. I have a Tommyknockers jar. If you ever need a crispy little pick-me-up from an alien power source. :alien:

Thanks! I love that oven. I get such a kick out of the top compartment. It’s like playing pizza shop. I just have to exercise a little restraint or I’ll end up making some ridiculous monster pies.

20 min. on airdyne, 3.2 miles.

Just keeping it flowing.


So, the doc might have figured something pretty good out. I had a pretty good day yesterday (no chest stuff). So today I pushed it a little.

This morning I did 10 min. At 3 mph, 3° grade for warm up, then curls supersetted with dumbbell OHP, 5 sets. Finished with some 20 rep sets of reverse flys, and 2 sets of dumbbell rows.


Walked around Columbus in the convention center district for a few hours.

Took a picture of this:

Then did this:

:rofl: My poor wife. If anything, she’s a good sport. :rofl:

Then tonight hit the pool with kiddo and did about 20 or so laps of side stroke and breast stroke. Not like long laps, but it was something.

So that was a good day. Probably better than I’ve had in a long time.

Tomorrow will really tell the tale. But for now, that was a good bit with no pain and I’ll take it as a win.


Heck yeah, hopefully so!!

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Haven’t had much to log lately, since last week anyways. Split a bunch of wood this week which felt pretty good. Seem to be on the right path with some meds changes.

Got this tonight:

October 5th 2002 is my sobriety date, but I didn’t make it to my home group until tonight for the chip. They do chips at the end of each month, and I was out of town last week, so Yay! Sobriety! :rofl:

Going to do some welding & stuff tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.