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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

I bought my dad the same kit for Christmas this year. He has yet to use it, but is planning on doing some cutting with it in a month or two. I use mine probably 2-3 times a week, it’s a great little kit.

What do you plan to do with it?

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For today I heated up the sleeve and hinge pin on a chip trucks dump mechanism that was galled frozen to break it loose. It worked! Also used it to preheat the plate and pin for better weld penetration on the root pass.

It’s going to come in all kinds of handy though. Now I can cut and shape heavier plate and tubing for fabrications.

That’s my mig & flux core machine, and no pic, but also recently got a 200 amp ac & dc tig and stick machine. Was intended for modifying and repair on an equipment trailer, which, unfortunately, was completely totaled recently.

A lot of that equipment has a hard life.


So jelly. I would love to learn TIG.

Piece of cake. It’s like chewing gum.

While flying a helicopter. :grinning:

No, really, I’ve seen your skill. You have nothing to worry about.

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This vid came up on my youtubes because “they’re spying on us”, which reminded me of our conversation again.

The thumbnail version is that Bob is an instructor with all the proper credentials and whatnot, and he tests a new machine and it’s features while doing a nice jog through a bunch of the most common consumables. :+1:

I also love this channel for a quick brush up and reference point, because the guy is highly skilled and he sniffs the rods. And occasionally takes a nibble of the slag.

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Thanks! I have watched several of Bob’s videos. I like the Tim Welds channel also.

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I’m going to have to find that. The other channel I also like is Welding Tips & Tricks.

Jody is a tig torch wizard.

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Yikes. It’s been a while.

I went out to see how the weights felt. Not great.

Curls- 5x @ 60 lbs & 10x at 50.

Ohp- 6x @ 90 lbs & 10x at 70.

I’ve run into some problems. Last couple of weeks have been just super low energy with like No recovery. Talked to the doc. and they suggested I stop the one medication I was taking. Minus that I have felt a little better, which is why I decided to give this a shot today.

Not crazy about it, but it’s a start. Or restart. Or something. We’ll see.


Got out for a little evening walk.

It’s fall mushroom season, so Maitake! :man_dancing::dancer: Yeah!

That one is going into the crock pot with a beef roast, and I’m going to be checking a few more sections through out my little range over the next few days. There are just too many good things to make with these.

Some of these too.

But left them on the stump. Big laughing gyms. They’re like a mycological Pink Floyd concert. :sun_with_face::crazy_face::sun_with_face:


Mid day walk today. A little more challenging. This one is a legit killer even when I was in good shape. :sweat_smile: But we did it.

Little dude toughed it out. I’m kinda proud of him.

And we found these at the top.

They were fun to pick, and kiddo was astonished at the sheer mass and number of them. Little puffballs. They tast a lot like white mushrooms but more fragrant/flavorful. We got enough to do a few things with, but I’m leaning hard toward a semi-creamy chicken soup among other things.

Then on the way back down, a couple more sheepshead.

All told, it was a pretty nice hike. We had fun and kiddo found a nice big’un! :blush:


I want shroom!!!
Shroom good!!!

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If you wanna eat, you gotta work for it!

:rofl: I told you, take a streetcar to Summit Station. The hunting grounds are a 10 minute walk from there.

I’m a tad ambivalent. I haven’t been on top of them like I had been in previous years. I missed about 30 lbs. of them on that hike today. They were on a few trees but have gone bad by about a week. And another 20 or so yesterday.

In previous years, I’d have delivered them myself, but eh, you know.

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Oh my goodness. The kitchen/most of the house is literally overpowered right now as Mrs. SkyzykS cleans and trims up a batch for dinner.

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Stop making me jealous!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I really miss shrooms. Should have had my parents buy me some when they were here…

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The regular old mass produced then dried ones can be bought at giant eagle or some of the better groceries. For like $15.00/ 4 Oz.

There is really only one way (well, a couple) to get them fresh off the root.

Another nice walk.

This area has been home to a massive culture of honey mushrooms for as long as I can remember, and they were in full bloom. I felt like a dog in a room full of new ass there. It was like an olfactory wonderland.

So much so that I almost missed these.

So that was good. :smiley:


Chow time.

In a few hours, anyways.


Oh boy…

Chicken & sheepshead pizza with extra basil. :yum:


Hey @ChickenLittle

Here’s some stuff I did today with self shielded flux core.

Root pass


It’s a friction brake/spindle mounted on the back deck of a bucket truck, for lowering branches and logs.

A little rough, but :man_shrugging: . I really should put a cover pass on it next weekend, but ran out of time and wire tonight.


Sorry it took a while to reply. That looks great!

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