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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

That’s what I like to hear @SkyzykS my man

Hope you put them up on your YouTube

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I did not. It’s going to take a little bit of work before I have anything presentable.

There are a few creaks and crunches that need smoothed out.

When I do, I’ll tag you at your channel. :+1:


Tonight I did

Push-ups 4 sets of 10.

Ez bar curls 4 sets of 10 @ 60 lbs.

And kiddo didn’t want to lift any weights.


Damn it @SkyzykS reading your log makes me anxious hahaha

Happy anniversary!

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No! Not that kind of tightness! Very thankfully!


Alright, finally did something.

Me & Kiddo-

Arm circles & high knees.

2 x 10 Push-ups

10 x burpeez

6 sets of 3 rdl at 190 lbs.

4 x 3 at 200.





Is that one breast sliced and the second one whole other than the large bite you took out of it !!

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Yep! Since I’m the one with the carving knife I get all of my crispy favorite parts straight away.

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Tonight’s slugfest ( @TrainForPain ) :rofl:

7 sets, 6 reps

Ohp- 100 lbs.

Ez-bar rows- 110.

Short and sweet. Was going to be 6x6, forgot where I was so I did an extra set. Remembered, but can’t undo a set. Oh well.
Arrived at technical failure almost perfectly at the last rep of each exercise. That doesn’t usually happen. I’m always either looking for more or driving to get the last few reps.

Past 5 or so days have been taxing. I can feel myself winding down. Weird couple of work things and other stuff adding up on me. Started hitting more meetings lately (recovery stuff). The one tonight struck a chord, which was good and actually invigorating, which got me to and through this session. :+1:


Are you dialed in enough you can tell whether harder conditioning or easier cardio has a greater impact on things like RHR?

Yep. Harder conditioning definitely raises it for about 24 hrs. (Depending on duration and exertion) to several days. Easier cardio it returns to a baseline in hours. Typically that’s anywhere from 75-90 bpm.


Are you finding baseline improvements either way? I’m really not

Nope. It’s the same range as the morning I had my last stent procedure. Of course, at last measure, my lvef was at about 50%.

Performance at the top end has improved though. Throughout the rehab course it really showed on the Concept2, which could also be muscular endurance. At the top end of it, around 145-155 bpm the effort required to increase any given increment increased exponentially. Like, starting out week 1 on treadmill I’d hit 120ish with a 3 mph. walk/no elevation. If the pretty therapist walked by, 130. Then I’d have to stop, as there was a hard ceiling at 135.

As the course progressed though, the hard stop was removed in order to continue progression, and my hr. on the treadmill had decreased to 95-110 bpm. Then on to the rower where I’d really hit it- initially I’d get mid 800’s meters in 5 minutes and be gassed, usually be given a time out. That progressed to hitting just over 1 kilometer in 5 minutes, feeling exhausted but charged up, no time outs.


I forgot one other (soft) metric, like rpe, but opposite.

Level of fatigue. That shows up later, especially the next day after all of the feel good chemicals have worn off. I know you’ve put in some hard days and know what tired means vs. exhaustion. Tired is eat a steak hoagie and a good night sleep.

For me the exhaustion is almost the same sensation as being anoxic. Like, after last night’s session, I’m fatigued, but heading out at noon for some fabrication/weld stuff. That is a tremendous improvement from 4- 6 mos. ago when at this point I’d be existentially exhausted for 4 days.

Now tomorrow, I’m going to be flat out for 24 hrs. Might cook dinner. We’ll see when I get there. But it’s also a clear improvement over time, compared to several days.

So the bottom moves up too.


That makes a ton of sense. Thank you

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This is a really great write up. I’m honestly not sure what my RHR is, but I remember in college I was in the high 50’s, guessing a bit higher now. Would be interesting to really record it and see what type of exercise really does the most to lower it, and if I can’t do that, it definitely IS very interesting when someone else does it for me lol


I’ve gotten too many mixed messages on what can or can’t be done for that to know or understand what effects RHR, other than that T3hPwnisher and Jmaier have like great (low) rhr, and they both did or do like very high intensity almost circuit like training, and that mine is a little high due to damage to the left ventricle, so it has to beat a little faster to make up for compromised volume.

And for tonight:

Nothing. I’m whooped. I got in a fight with the deck on a big bucket truck.

It won. :rofl:

This time.

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My kiddos pet mantis. He likes to hang out and climb around on my hands. We do like a little stairmaster kind of thing with my fingers.


Those things are so badass!

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