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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

Well 10x10 was a good gut check, but was causing some real interference on everything else, so

Ohp 10x5 @ 70 lbs. (Much more manageable)

Side delt/front delt/ triceps kickbacks- 12 reps each, 5 rounds.

Barbell rows- 12x5 @ 80 lbs.

Twas all good. Had kiddo lifting with me. He does this real loosey goosey thing when lifting, as he doesn’t have the coordination and kinesthetic senses sharpened up to support lifting motions. A couple good cues and some activation stuff got him squared away as well as can be expected. He had a good time once he got into it. I still keep it light and fun with him. I want him to like to do this stuff and maybe some day when he’s on his own he can be all hard core & shit. :rofl:

Actually he’s a natural strong man. With logs and rocks and stuff he moves way more weight much more easily and with no thought or hesitation.


Don’t want to be extra overly redundant but:

93/7 anabolic support burger! :yum:

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I got another promotion! On the Concept2 none the less! My wattage output was bumped up for it to 70, which I usually exceed by at least 20 or so anyways. Today’s avg. was 96 over 5 minutes, and was also the most steady output to date.

But also, as per a conversation we had about a week or so ago, they bumped up my target heart rate by removing the factor of 15% reduction due to one of the medications I take (metaprolol). So now I can exercise much harder while there, up to 150 bpm.

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That’s amazing! I guess all that Hard work and patience is paying off

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Thanks! I guess it is.

It’s one of those conundrums. I think that some times people will overstate their perception of exertion, but we’ve discussed a number of times that I tend to run and push toward the further edge of my performance envelope because that’s just where I feel comfortable and as I said today “Alive!”. It’s just how I’m wired, I guess.

Having done a bunch of stress/echo tests I know that there’s a threshold in the upper limit anyways. I can typically cruise anywhere between 90 ish and 130’s bmp. Then to get from 135 to 145 requires like twice the effort of the previous range. Then from mid 140’s to the limit, 150ish, I literally had to sprint full speed up hill (or at a pretty decent percent grade, anyways). So it’s like an exponential increase of effort per difference in bpm.

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