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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

Yeah. It’s hard for me to put into words. I have some pretty good big words too, but not this time.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Yeah, I guess it is.

The back story to that pic is that I do see a therapist. Occasionally he says “Ok. I’m going to drop the professional detachment for a minute…”

Yesterday was one of those sessions.

My one brother called as I was typing this to see if I wanted to head out for a walk & stuff. That will be good. I have to shake off the stink and get out of my own head a little bit.

I’m going to get a work out in a little later to do away with this skidmark of a year, and I’m suffering from inertia right now, so the timing couldn’t be better.


It’s tough man. I really do hear you. I hope the walk with your brother helps clear your mind a little, at least

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Whatever you’re going though, @SkyzykS, keep going. There’s something on the other side. I don’t know what, but something. Strength? Wisdom? Something.


Well, I’ve gotten at least few great demonstrations of kindness and support thus far, so its not for nothing. :+1:

Thanks. :relaxed:

The walk with my brother was good. There’s a really nice local park right near by, and we took a decent walk up and around a nice hill. It rises deceptively, and before we knew it were at the top. I’m always glad to spend some time with him but there have been some pretty big gaps where life stuff has gotten in the way. More often than not through adulthood, really. Lately though we’ve been hanging out a lot more. Crazy how this stuff can break down barriers and bring us together.

When I got home I made one of these, it’s a nice shake I like to make for a good picker upper.

It’s 16 oz. of apple cider, half a can of pumpkin puree, 2 scoops of vanilla whey. And a dash of pumpkin pie spices.

It has a lot of energy and all kinds of good stuff. Pumpkin is a super food! It says so right on the can. And the apples are from the farm right behind my back yard, so that’s kinda nice too.


Got in 6 miles in 22 min. 50 sec., but that was definitely pushing it. I swear I felt every myofibril in my legs burning to death.

Got it in though!

Now my thoughts on this past year, as performed by Tool.

Thanks for everything, Everybody.

Happy New Year!

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Happy new year! All the best for you in 2021 : )


In a car?

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Airdyne 3 miles in 11:03. I wanted to see if my split would match up with my regular ride. It pretty much did. Then tapered down for a few min.

Paired dumbell rows and goblet squats.

Warm up: 35 lbs. 12 reps on rows, 10 on gs.

Then 50 lbs. 4 sets 6 reps, one set at the end of 35 lb. because 50 was just yanking it and not really hitting the spot on form.

Goblets- 50 lb. 2 sets of 6 reps, then 3 sets of 10.

Over all felt good. Eh, we’ll see on the recovery side the next day or so. That’s usually where I really notice. In the moment I can always do more, but I pay in the long run.


Well, I did pay for that last one. Nothing severe, just tired as hell for a few days.

Tonight wanted to get the 6 miles in but not like the last few, so paced it to complete in 24 min. and did just that. Felt good. Listened to some Grand Funk, SRV, and the ride was done.

Arms anat: dumbell curls and ohp.

Warm up- 12 reps w/20 lb.

Then 35 for two sets of 8 reps, and one set of 6 reps.

Just gonna call that good.



Short ride. 3.5 miles in 15 minutes.

Just had to get something in to remain engaged. Last couple of days sucked.


Airdyne : 3 miles in 11.5 minutes,

20 lb. dumbell, ohp and row for 20 reps.

Changed my mind and

Goblet squats–warm up 1 set 10 reps, 35 lb.

Then 6 sets, 6 reps, 50 lbs.

And fitness kitty don’t care what set you’re on, when she wants to cuddle, she wants to cuddle.

And that’s that. :+1:


Just like when my kitty conveniently poops on my calculus book when I needed to do homework

Meme it!


Bad kitty! Does not take being ignored lightly!

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Here kitty, hold this dumbell for me.


Max effort cuddles day. Exhausting!


Where were you recently talking about a meal you had that once again sounded absent of vegetables? I didn’t have time then, but now I’ve come to scold you. Eat your veggies!