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SkyzykS's Keep Hitting It Until It Works Again Log

Ohhh! You throwing down a gauntlet? :grin:

Actually, I may give that a shot next weekend. It seems pretty feasible. 50 per hand= 4 sets of 25.

I’ll probably need to take a rest or two though.


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Honestly, don’t do damage to yourself - but the true way to do it, once you feel comfortable, is never x sets of y, it’s just one set until you can’t do anymore, then a few breaths, then a few more, and repeat until it’s done.
Kind of like @T3hPwnisher’s 225x100 deadlift challenge, when he did it in some amount of time, and people came along doing 10x10 in a shorter time and assuming that that means they can do it faster - pushing for that number with no strategy other than AMRAPing it and stopping only to avoid death makes it way harder.
I’d say do what you can, take the rests that you need, and don’t go ham the first time. That will give you a baseline to improve on.


Thanks for the pointers.

That’s the test of conditioning. Breaking it up is more of a test of strategy. If you break it up right/enough it’s absolutely do-able. Not really a conditioning thing at all.

I think it’s pretty neat though. I’ve pushed myself pretty hard this year at work, so I know I’m in good condition for that type of stuff, so we’ll see. :+1:


It’s going great for the Steelers so far! They’re on track to stay ahead of the Chiefs! It’s too early to start counting chickens, but it’s looking good from here.

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A little ride.

7.4 miles in 25 minutes. Felt kind of meh, could definitely tell when the cardio kicked in, right at about 18.5 min.

@flappinit Sorry, but not gonna be able to do that challenge at this point. By half way through yesterday doing tree stuff I felt like my right shoulder was going to just fall apart.

Going to have to work more on stability and whatnot for a little while.


Since I don’t want to contaminate your log, I just wanted to take this to demonstrate how deceptive pictures and fat/lean mass can be.

And to commemorate that time I woke up feelin’ swole! :joy:

But for real, not that it’s a great pic, but after 4 takes and enough contortions, I got one.

A cold light of day, straight on, hands down to sides pic makes me look like a pierogi. :dumpling:

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I got a bar and some more weights!

That’s my whole set at this point.

Here’s lifting them. Like 200 total I think. I didn’t actually weigh the bar.


No need to apologize. You’re well aware of where your limitations are right now and how hard you can reasonably push yourself. It’s just a tool in your toolbox at this point, and something you can break out when you feel ready.

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Yeah, It just pains me to back down from a challenge.

There are whole sections of Manlaw that this violates. I might even get kicked out! :joy:

You’re exempt - wasn’t a challenge, just a suggestion.

I challenge you to exfoliate your nipples with 80 grit sandpaper.


That’s just a regular Friday night in the Skyz house!

I am going to be hurting tomorrow though. In my enthusiasm for new stuff and such a nice day I did triples up to 200, then that for 5 sets, then RDLs at 135 for 6x6 coupled with one arm rows for 10 reps, then a drop set of ez bar curls with the plates arranged at 2.5, 5, 5, 10, 10, all sets to failure for my finisher.

Not a whole lot to log. Had another bad go-round with statins lately.

Rode 5 miles in 20 min., pretty standard, but I kinda had fun with the P of RPE by running the rpms up with my legs, then maintaining it with my arms only until I got accustomed to it, then taking over with legs only which kicked the rpm up to like 60ish, Then putting the arms back in up to like 70. Then backing down to 50 again. Not like sprint intervals, but like steps.

An old favorite song:

It takes me back to when I was a kid and this was like some real hardcore devil worshiping stuff. I liked walking around in the morning delivering papers and listening to Blizzard Of Ozz.

Anyhow, this came up on the playlist and that’s where my mind went on my ride tonight.

Also figured @dt79 would get a kick out of some Randy Rhoads.


Everyone loves some Ozzy man.

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Put in a nice 6 mile ride in 25 minutes tonight. Nothing crazy, just keeping things moving.

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