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Sky's Training Log

Hi, I’m Sofia :slight_smile: I used to lift a few years ago, then i stopped because of lack of motivation. Hopefully now i will be more determined and patient as regards the results

Age 20, 38 kg x 150 cm
Goals: get more fit and gain mass (!!!)

The workout i’m currently following:
Warmup, Corrective exercises for posture improvement
Dumbbell flyes 3x10 (as a Pec load stretch)
One arm DB row 4x10
Bulgarian Split squat 3x10
RDLs 3 x 10
Pallof press 4/5x15

Warmup, corrective exercises
Standing DB shoulder press 3x10
Lat machine 3x10
Cable pull through 3/4x10
Face pulls 3/4x10
Pallof press 4/5x15

Today I did workout A but it took me like an hour and a half to finish everything, i’m so slow lol

Here some exercises:

This was the last set and my legs were shaking a little bit. I felt a slight burn afterwards in the lumbar muscles but then it was gone in a minute

Ok so this one literally kills me… I had to stop for a sec 'cause my quads were burning

I feel like i did the one arm DB row poorly… Maybe my elbow was too high. The problem is that I can’t really feel the scapular retraction if I go lower with the elbow

This might help with the rows.

And here’s one for the RDLs.

Hope this helps.

Hi there. Welcome back to the logs :slight_smile:

Can I ask what you’re doing to gain mass? My daughter is quite petite like you and I’m always looking for ideas for her.

Ok so I have to “sit back” more with my hips but I’m not going to go so down with my back though…

@ouroboro_s Hi! Well I’ve just started this program so can’t say if it works well for me or not yet. Besides, I’m trying to eat more food, especially carbs and good fats. Maybe tell her to increase a little bit what she eats in every meal; for instance, before I used to have just bread and jam for breakfast, then i added like a dozen almonds and oat. Whenever she feels very full, curry/ginger lemon tea is the best!
I also drink centrifuged fruit and vegetable juice

New video:

I felt the ‘stretch’ in my hamstrings although they’re quite tight.
What do you think?

Ok I have a problem with DB row… I just don’t feel my lat or mid back working at all but I get easily tired!
When I go up with my arm I try to retract the scapula but then I only feel the scapula retraction, not my muscles working.