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Skymonkey's Log

For me, the easiest way to cook oatmeal is to get the kind that you can cook in the microwave in under two minutes. I put a scoop of whey in my oatmeal and a splash of milk.

Other people do their oats differently but I don’t think it matters too much.

As for the Post workout, Syntha-6 is not really optimal since it has casien protein in it and not really enough carbs in my opinion. I would go for something like Surge or if you are poor like me, do whey protein with water, and a bottle of gatorade.

Forest beat Griffen in a unanimous decision. As far as the lifting goes, what week are you in of 5x5? I wouldn’t think you are getting to the point where it’s getting too hard to keep increasing the weight. For one that means you are probably taxing your CNS due to all the other stuff you are doing. Try lifting before you do your swimming, tennis, soccer, whatever else. Also with that type of activity level to really gain weight you may have to increase your calories anymore. 4k/day was based on just liffting and light activity outside of lifting. With the multiple hours of cardio you are doing you may need a lot more to keep putting on weight.

I am starting week 5 tomorrow, im only having problems with the second day exercises, deadlift, military press, power cleans. Bench, squat, and row are all fairly easy and doable. I am also going to weigh myself tomorrow and well see how my weight has changed in the past two weeks.

Alright this was week 5 of my 5x5 workout. I was lazy so i decided to post just once for this week. My first 5x5 day was good the last lifts were heavier then my previous 5RM and i was able to do them with minimal help from the spotters.

The second day was tough, could not complete the last set of military press, and power cleans. I have 1 scoop 1/2 left until thursday… so im taking them post workout after day1 and 2, because those days leave me the most sore.

Im still having alot of trouble on my bent over barbell rows, form-wise ive looked up countless youtube vids on em, but when i get in the gym it always feels like an uncomfortable position and as if im doing them wrong, if any1 has any tips to remember while doing them please let me know.

Ok this is week 6 of my 5x5 routine, yesterday was day one, and as usual all lifts were doable needed a little help from the spotter for the last bench press weight.
Bench press 5x5 (80, 90, 105, 125, 145)
Squat 5x5 (65, 80, 100, 120, 145)
Row 5x5 (45, 60, 70, 90)
I also played three hours of soccer in a pick up game, i woke up this morning, my legs were extremely sore and i had a pretty bad hangover. At around 6 i had a tennis match where i dominated but i came back dehydrated… i drank on liter of water in less then 5 minutes then threw up most of it. About an hour later after i had calmed down i made a pineapple+mango+banana shake the length and size of my forearm and added some protein powder into it.

Well i really messed up this week, but its also been one of the best weeks of my life, i did not have time to fit in day 2 and i am less then happy about it. Day three was fairly easy.

Nutrition has also been less then ideal i have been getting my calories in but im not sure im reaching the 400g of protein, i think im only getting about 250-300g a day. Another problem was that my dad arrived but forgot to brig me my syntha-6 protein shake, so until i can find a place to buy it here which is unlikely, im screwed.

Any recommendations as to what i should be taking post workout, to replace the protein shake.

Alright so ive been inactive for a good, 3 months and i think its time to start this log up again, so that i can really monitor my progress better.
Where i stand:

Height: 5’9 (yea grew a little)
Weight: 178
Body fat: no clue if i had to guess around 14%

Bench: 160x3 (yeah this has been my #1 problem i cant seem to be making any gains on it.
Deadlift: 225x5
Squat: 180x5

I have finally straightened out my nutrition, i am taking 6 meals a day, 4100 cals, 410g of protein, 310g of carbs, 175g of fat. Here is the breakdown of my meals:

Meal 1:
3 Whole Eggs
3 Egg whites
1 Cup of oatmeal.
1 scoop of whey protein.

Meal 2+3(Per meal, not total):
7oz Chicken breast
40g of cheerios
40g of almonds

Meal 4+5:
1 can of tuna (usually make a salad with lettuce+tomatoes)
2 slices of whole wheat bread
2 tbs of Penut Butter.

Meal 6:
2 scoops of Metabolic Drive,
40g of almonds.

*on workout days i will have 3 scoops of Surge after my workout usually with meal 3.

Metabolic Drive
Whey Protein
Multi Vitamin (any good recommendations?)

I am currently on Westside Barbell For Skinny Bastards.

Looking back at this log please ignore those two pics where i try to show you something that looks like a bicep, their retarded and i wish i could delete posts right now >.<.

Today was a shitty day, got a test back and got a 63 on it…first test i’ve ever failed. I also weighed myself in the morning and weighed 175 which means i would of lost a pound so that got me pretty pissed. However ill wait till tomorow because ive been weighing myself every friday morning, ill see if i gained/lost weight.

Today was WSB4SB, repetition upper body:
Dumbell Bench press:
40lbx16 ( i really pushed myself on this one trying to work to failure, i also had a pretty good song playing ^.^)

Superset: Rear delt flyes, scarecrows:
20lbsx3setsx10 reps (my shoulders absolutely killed after this)

DB lateral raises:

Arms: Incline Dumbell Curl.
( i really concentrate on my form while doing these, making sure i take 2sec up and 2 sec down)

My Flame Out arrived today, so ill start using it tomorow, the pills are huge, any recommendation as to when to take the pills/as to how many?

I’ve been feeling extremely pissed of/stressed lately, to the point where i cant look at myself in the mirror and not get angry at who i am, i’m so sick of feeling invisible. That among many other reasons is why i started lifting, and why i cant and wont quit.

But when im putting alot of time and effort into my lifting and i dont get any results that’s what really gets to me. Haha ill stop venting and wasting your time, anyways, if any1 has any advice or anything to say please post.

Didnt do much yesterday, was out with friends all night, so i missed two meals, when i go out tonight ill try and bring my food with me, today is my lower body ME day so ill post the results of that workout later on.

I ended up going out tonight, and i brought food along for the first time, of course was laughed at a little but that was expected, i’m very pleased with how it went and will probably do it in the future, this way im not missing too many meals. Today’s workout was pretty disapointing:

150lbsx 12
170lbx 10
190lb x 10
210 x3 (my grip failed and the bar fell i got really pissed but decided not to try again i didnt want to cause any unecessary injuries)

Reverse lunges:
3sets x12

My hamstrings started to really hurt but i kept going,
Romanian deadlift:
130lbs x 3 sets x 12 reps

at this point my hamstrings were killing me to the point where i was limping, i ran…limped upstairs took two advils and googled hamstring stetches i have been stretching for a good 15min and will continue to do so, that’s what i get for not stretching.

If any1 has any good pre/post workout stretch routines plz plz plz post them they would help me alot!!!. As always if any1 has anything to say plz post but i doubt any1 reds this thread.

I’ve been swamped with work, so i haven’t had the time to post, i did a good upper body day yesterday, i cant remeber what i did but im sore everywhere…
Did my last ME lower body today, i am taking the rest of the week off to deload.

Squat: 95x10 (to get my form down)
135lb x 15
165 x 6
(this was my first time doing real squats since i used to do them on the smith machine…

Leg press:
180x 10
230 x 8.

Walking Lunges:
30lb dumbells x 10

*i was with a friend who wanted to try out a day so i just ended up doing what he did, since im changing programs anyways.

Nutrition has been pretty solid, the time between meals might be a little skewed sometime but im always getting my food in.

I havent used this log in a really long time, but here are some of the pictures after my bulk on the anabolic diet.

My strength went up, i added around 15-25lbs in each of the major lifts, however my weight hovered around 178-185, and i dont feel i got too much bigger, i think it might be due to some inconsistencies, i did not always get my 5000 calories during the week.

These pictures are absolutely horrible, and it’s really hard for me to put them up but it’s the reality of what i look like so here they are… btw i fail at the lat spread

second attempt at a lat spread…another fail

relaxed…this is horrific

ok, this is me trying to flex and smile at the same time…it didnt work. Front Double Bi