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Skymonkey's Log

**Please ignore this first page, this is when i started out and alot of my comments/ pics are very…umm… noobish, go on to the second page

“I hate my body”. I’ve been thinking that for the past six months. On december 22 i was at a Christmas party, the first party i’ve ever been to, i was extremely nervous and was hoping that i wouldn’t screw anything up.

Thirty minutes into the party i was talking to this girl, and my friend asks her if she would ever hook up with me, she let’s out a snort and says; “No fucking way he’s fat.” My friend proceeded to dump her into the pool.

Now i was 5’8 175 pounds at the time, and i spent all my free time on a videogame called World of Warcraft. For the next couple of days I could not look at myself in the mirror or in any reflection without being disgusted.

Those five words, woke me up and explained alot: i was always picked last in sports and i was invisible when it came to girls.

Two weeks after i used my 3yr savings for a new gaming computer to buy a gym membership. I was going 6 times a week 2 hrs a day, doing all kinds of ridiculous things, there was one day where i would go around the gym and do 5 reps of every machine, i wanted to change but i didn’t know how.

Six months later and i am here with almost no results. Im changing my entire workout with the help of a friend I have completely redone my routine.

Look really good (im not stopping at just a six pack).
Get alot stronger.
Become a force to reckon with in sports.
175lb, 6% body fat or less by next summer

Height: 5’8.5
Weight: 164.5
Body Fat %: 14 (estimated)

Bench: 135
Squat: 145
Deadlift: 150
Military Press: 105
Power Cleans: 11

Max number of:
Pushups: 76
Pullups: 27

Sports i play:

The Workout (3 days a week):

Military Press


I use five sets of five reps for every exercise.
*I use 3 sets of five reps and then two other sets of 8 and 3 reps.
This is a workout i will be following for nine weeks and is aimed at increasing my overall strength and getting me ready for a bulking routine. I am increasing the weight every week. (Numbers Based on my 5RM).

Nutrition Plan:
4000 calories a day
Protein: 400g
Carbs: 300g
Fat: 133g

I had my last final today, Spanish Regents i finished it in 45 min. I was able to finally get out of the house and do some free-running with some friends for about 3hrs. I started my food log today here are my total macronutrients for the day: Protein: 278g, Fat: 108g, Carbs: 427g, Calories: 3872. I need to get rid of the cereal at breakfast and add some kind of food that is rich in protein if i want to reach my 400g goal.

I took my syntha-6 three times: morning, after workout, before going to sleep. now tomorow is a rest day do i still take my shake 3 times or just 2? I had no problem with any of the weights, was able to bench the 130 pounds 5 times without the help of a spotter, however my form on the bent over barbell row is still far from perfect. Picture coming soon!

5X5 bench
5X5 squat
5X5 Row
on the last set i was using:
Bench: 131lb
Squat: 135lb
Row: 100lb

Gonna have to definitely replace cereal with somethin high in protein and lower in carbs. You are way over your carb limit and way under your protein. Eat more meat.

Good simple program. However your goal of going to 5% bf wont do you much good. just keep getting stronger and heavier, no need to cut to early. 165lbs at 6’8 is not alot.

Good luck!

Today was an off-day, no weightlifting. I had a tennis match that lasted 3hrs around but apart from that i did not get too much exercise. I completely messed up on my nutrition, i tried to take carbs out by substituting my cereal with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: Bad Idea. I also thought that by eating roast beef+turkey sandwiches id get my target protein amount without having too much carbs, I forgot that bread had carbs…

Yeah today was an offday. Here are my macronutrient numbers: Protein: 260g, Fat: 108g, Carbs: 344, Calories: 3641.
Im pretty pissed off at my retardedness, but tomorrow is my deadlift/powerlift/military press day, so im excited for it. The Changes im going to make to my nutrition: im going to buy beef and try and cook it, cutting out all the bread, i still cant figure out what to have for breakfast, any suggestions?

I took the pictures i promised but the results were…bad, so im not going to post them just yet. I also made a typo in my description saying my height is 6’8…im actually 5’8 sry bout that, like i said today was an off-day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Another random question i had, how many hours of sleep should i be getting?

Shoot for 8 hours of sleep/night

alright well here are the pics… warning you their not as great as i thought they’d be…

Heres a tricep pose…

Most Muscular pose…

and double bicep

Leg shot

Well now that those are out of the way here’s today’s log.
Very happy with my nutrition, finally reached my caloretic goal and am very close with the proteins.

Calories: 4091
Protein: 331.5g
Carbs: 299
Fat: 172.5

went a lil overboard on the fat, its cause of my birthday cake my mom wouldn’t let me not eat a slice. Today was my favorite lift day: Deadlift, Powercleans, Military Press. Deadlifts were easy, powercleans pretty tough and had alot of trouble on the last Military Press rep. Overall a good day, was my birthday, and hopefully getting my permit tomorow =D.

Yeah i know the pictures are horrible, and it took alot of convincing before i decided to put em up, the leg shot is crap, for some reason it wont let me change it with another one, ill try it again tomorow so please ignore that one.

Question: if i want to show how many sets/reps/weights i do per lift, is there a specific format for posting them?

Today was the third day of my lifting routine. Most of the weight was manageable, i think that i might need to increase my bench press weight because i was able to do the 3 reps, pretty easily, the squatting really worked well my legs are sore already, and my bent over row went well, im still a little bit shaky on the form. My macronutrient totals were:
Protein: 278g
Carbs: 273
Im pretty pissed about it considering i still have not reached my nutrition goal, im going to go online and just look for a huge list of protein rich food/meals, if any1 has something feel free to link. I leave in two days, my family owns a resort in the mountains of lebanon and i will be spending my summer there, they have a: pool,tennis courts, fitness center,basketball court,soccer field. So i will be spending most of my time outside.
In the past three weeks i have gained 4 pounds, my arms have defiantly gotten bigger, however i put on weight around my stomach and lost my abs.(i didn’t have alot of abs to start with).

[quote]skysquirrel92 wrote:

Question: if i want to show how many sets/reps/weights i do per lift, is there a specific format for posting them?[/quote]

I use sets x reps and then the weight in parenthesis
example: 5x5 (120,150,170,190,210) somethin like that

[quote]skysquirrel92 wrote:
i think that i might need to increase my bench press weight because i was able to do the 3 reps, pretty easily,


Follow it, you are not smarter then Bill Starr (who created the original workout and is a legendary strength coach). So leave the routine as written and stop trying to change which you have no idea how to change and cannot possibly make better.

Im in Lebanon now, i haven’t slept in the past three days because of jet lag, the flight was brutal. I tried to go lift yesterday but i was exhausted so im going to have to postpone this week, i might do a couple calisthenic workouts tomorrow, consisting of just pushups and squats. My nutrition during the flight was also not too great, i went shopping today and got the food i needed, now this week since i wont be hitting the weight should i still be taking Syntha-6, 2-3 times a day? I love this country, it’s a beautiful country with great people, ill have pictures up for u guys soon, im going to visit my 108 year. old great grandmother sometime next week i might put a picture of her up as well, she’s a sight to see.

I’ve been extremely pissed off at the fact that i had to postpone this week’s workout, i hope it does not set me back too much. Im going to be out alot more, ill have a sample schedule of the amount of time i spend outside playing sports, and based on that we can decide if i need to increase my caloric intake.

The big problem im going to have with nutrition in this country is that every-time you go to visit people your forced to eat, saying no is the same thing as saying “Fuck off”. It was 4 summers ago where i gained 20 pounds in 5 weeks in this country, the food is delicious and horrible for you, i think however that i can stick with my diet, if people don’t understand well too bad i couldn’t care less.

I went to the pool today and by comparison to the other people im not looking to bad it was a big confidence boost when i had two 17 yr olds come and hit on me,

This was taken 3 months ago

Took this one this morning =D

About the breakfast thing. I would reccommend oatmeal. Breakfast is the second best (right behind Post-Workout) time to eat carbs. The eight hour fast that you just went through allows the carbs to go straight to your muscle rather than your fat cells.

Other than that, there is not really a good time to eat carbs unless you are following a specific loading cycle designed by a professional.

Sorry havent been able to update nightly internet is hard to come by, im sitting outside a big building with my laptop writing this i look like a hobo with a Mac. Alright so what’s happened in the past couple of days. I learned that im completely clueless when it comes to women. I was playing tennis against the wall with my shirt off, ( Note: all the other guys there are either anorexic or look like hairy elephants) I wasn’t that intense with it, i had a crowd sitting in the bleachers watching me. I didn’t that much of it, a couple cute girls up there in bikini’s but nothing outstanding. So im playing and then this girl walks down and asks me to play. Then she says that she doesn’t know how to play. im sitting on the other side of the court thinking why the hell is this girl asking me to play when she doesnt know how. About twenty minutes after she left it hit me that she wanted me to show her how to play and that she was actuall flirting with me…yeah im retarded when it comes to women.

Ok on to nutrition. I think im going to go with oatmeal, how should i cook it/should i get it flavored or plain and add things into it? i havent been keeping an extremel detailed food log cause i dont have acess to the internet to check the nutrition info, but i have been writing things down and im getting around 3800 calories a day, most of my food is protein, ill let an ice cream/small piece of cake slip by every other day, but maily im eating protein rich food. When im invited over for lunch ill only eat things with meat and chicken. So im pretty happy with my what im eating.

I had a question in relation to the last post, should i be having a specific post/pre workout all ive been having is my two scoops of Syntha-6 with two servings of olive oil after my workout.

Exercise-wise i’ve been outside alot of the time and i have a tomato red torso to prove for it. Heres a breakdown of what ive been doing: 3 hrs of Tennis, 2 hrs of Swimming, 1hr of soccer, and then my workout. This is week 4 of my 5x5 workout. heres what i did yesterday:
Deadlift 5X5 (80, 95,125, 145)
Military Press 3X5(55, 65, 85) 1X2 (105)
Power Cleans 3x5 (60, 75, 92) 1X3 (110)

And that’s basically al i have on the workout, had alot of trouble on the last set of the power cleans, and the military press, i guess this is when the routine gets tough and i’ve got to up the intensity.

Side note: nutella jars do not make good protein shakers.

Once again thanks to every1 for posting on here it really helps alot.

A little random: does any1 know the outcome of UFC 86? did Forrest upset Jackson?