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does anyone know who makes the skyhawk or were to get one i have been trying to get a hold of one but the only two places i know of that sells em are out of stock or say there discontinued what gives any body know anything?

does anyone no who manufactures them.

Do you want the A-4 attack aircraft or the Buick?

Seriously, never heard of it… What’s a Skyhawk???

[quote]flightposite wrote:
does anyone no who manufactures them.[/quote]

I think it’s either MacDonnell Douglas or Boeing. Get the model with heat seaking missles.


They still sell the leapers. Not sure what happened to skyhawks. Might be off the market. check track and field supply sites

sorry i thought you all would know what i was talking about. its a machine that is designed to do explosive squatting on like jump squats. it looks like the super cat and if you dont know what that is heres a website you can look at powernetics.com

very funny by the way guys.

jumpusa has a picture of one but they dont sell it. ill keep looking and im glad for any help thanks.

thanks robo1 i will do that.