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Skye Log


So, after lurking for a reeeaally long time, I decided to 'cross over to the dark side...'(I'm kidding) and train for strength. I figured the ladies here have a better appreciation.
I train with WW, who is a contributor on FA. He introduced me to the wonderful world of sled dragging, prowler pushing and next session, I get to meet the chains..(fun, fun!) I must say, I'm addicted.

I don't love back squats which is why I take my hat off to Court who makes it look easy!! I can roll with Front squats, which i've maxed at 95lbs for 6 reps.
I discovered my long, gangly limbs love DLs.

For the past 4 weeks, I've been working on chin-ups with bands and today I finally did my first real chin, unassisted. Ghastly, but it's a chin-up nevertheless.
I also trap-bar DLed 225lbs 1x2, 1x3.
Here's the video

I also dragged him on the sled, but he didn't film that, instead here's me dragging 215lbs

So we agreed, my new goals are to DL 315lbs by July 1st and do 5 DECENT unassisted chin-ups.
In between sessions with Wolf, (Mon-Fri) I'll be doing his Half Body workout for the next 4 weeks (I just finished TBT x3/wk). Non-lifting days= ESW...metabolic workout or Sprints. No cardio.
Wish me luck!


It's nice to see you posting a log. I've seen your contributions in Court's.

If you can get to a 315 DLby July can you tell me how you manage it? I also am all arms and legs and DL is my lift. I don't even know what my raw max is any more but would love to hit 315.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Also, I love the videos. I'm such a kid :slight_smile:


Skyel! Glad to see you here! I am MUCHO impressed with your DL! It looked EASY! And I didn't realize you had such a petite frame... your strength to BW ratio is INSANE! Glad to have you here! =D


Hi ouroboro, thanks for stopping by. I have no clue how I'm getting there but I trust WW. I'll definately keep you posted.

I want to attempt to bench as well but the last time I tried it, it wasn't pretty. I didn't know what I was doing and the person who was trying to help me didn't know what he was doing. Ever since then, I stay away.
Should be interesting.


just swinging in to say HI!!


Thanks, Molly! That means alot coming from you. Wolf said I would have probably managed 5, but I started to lose my grip.
I actually read your log on a regular basis as well as most of the women on here, truly inspiring. I just never had the nerve to try and go for it. Most commercial gyms want to 'tone' people rather of improving their functional strength.
Looking forward to learning from you guys!


Thanks mom-in MD!!


You make the drag sled look pretty fun!


Today's workout

Rows 1x6 (50lbs), 1x6(75lbs), 4x6 (90ls)

Low Incline DB press 1x8 (20), 1x8 (25), 4x6(30)

French press 1x7(20), 1x8(25), 4x6(30)

Hammer curls 4x6(15)

Reverse crunches 3x15.


So glad you're starting a log here and not just being a creeper anymore :wink:

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your presence, but I was too busy doing my happy dance when I saw your log appear :smiley:


I am very proud of Skyel7.

She is really going to inspire alot of people with her outstanding progress.


Thanks, Court. Can't wait to learn from you guys!

Today's workout

Lower back was still abit achy from Saturday, so I was abit skeered to go too heavy.

Back squats: Warm-up with just the bar 3x10
1x6 (105),4x6 (115)
I dread back squats. I break out in a cold sweat just thinking of them. It wasn't too bad because the attention was focused on 2 high school chicks messing around in the power rack with 20lbs on the BB

Step-ups: 3x7 (35lb DBs) Still getting a feel of things. I'll use a barbell next time around.

Hyperextensions: 2x8 (25lb plate), 4x9 (45lb plate)

Tomorrow is an off day. I think I'll run sprints.


Thank you, Wolf and thanks for stopping by. Not sure how outstanding it is on this side of the fence, but everyone has to start from somewhere.
Thanks for the push.:0)


Why do you dread back squats? That's funny about the distraction.

I think DBs are easier for step ups as far as balance goes... but then the grip is harder with the DBs than the BB the heavier you go.


I always think I may end up looking like this guy :0P
I'm actually more comfortable with front squats.


What the??? That's just plain weird!

Man, front squats really hurt my wrists. Or I don't know how to do them correctly....


Lol. I used the 'crossed arm' grip....soo much better. Your wrists have to be really flexible to do the traditional grip. Works for me, plus it's one less thing to worry about and I can concentrate on the bar digging into my delts..


I haven't heard of the crossed arm grip... I'll have to try it.


Today was an off day from lifting but I went in to get my partner-assisted chins in and decided to do a Tabata circuit instead of running sprints since it was getting late.

Chins 6, 5, 4, 3,2

Tabata circuit: Kettlebell swings(30lbs), Super burpees, thrusters, mountain climbers.
In other news, I chipped my front tooth on a bowl. It didn't hurt so I thought the bowl was the victim... boy, was I wrong. Luckily it's more inside/underside of the tooth so it's not visible. Just feels really dorky.
Must be age.


LMAO!! hahahahaha

You fit in so well here :smiley: