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Skye Log #2


Deload week. More later.


Yeah, I waiting for you to start your new log...enjoy your deload! Nice pic


Hi Skye!!


Hola! Looking forward to it! =D


Hellz yeah!!


That turtle pic is totally cracking my shit up.

Skye Log #2 FTW!


(what does FTW mean? I feel like the little kid at school who'se so out of it.)


^ FTW = "for the win"

Yay for a new log!


Haha that pic makes me giggle so much, but it is also pretty hardcore. I am counting on that image to pop into my head and help me squeeze out an extra rep on something soon!


I'm an idiot. I was thinking "fuck the world" or something along those lines...lol


i thought the same thing nlmain..i kinda like f&ck the world better :smiley:


heh row.


Fuck the world would be appropriate for today.

One of my distinguished collegues, a personal trainer, told me I should stop lifting heavy weights and concentrate on cardio.
I'm still waiting for his success story to walk through the doors. Something tells me it's gonna be a while.


ive killed people for less than that shitty comment.

gimme his name i'll take care of that for ya.


The turtle is adorable!


Deload week over.

Hookah lounge was awesome.

Training next week.





warm up, foam rolling

Box squats
bar x 5
95 x 5
115 x 5
125 x 5
135 x 5

Step ups
4 x 10(25)

Leg curls
5 x 10(70)

Ab wheel
3 x 8

Hanging leg raises
3 x 12

Going to Miami exactly a month from today. Need to up my metabolic game...

PS: Found this interesting flyer on my car.


invitattion's always open.


What an exceptionally ignorant comment.