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Sky Diving

Anyone ever been?

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Anyone ever been? [/quote]

No, id never have the balls to do it.

do it, it’s awesome.

Ya I went last year. It was pretty cool hanging on the wing strut of the plane.

Since it was my first time I didn’t get to free fall very long, just long enough for my deployment chute to open up my main chute (a few seconds after letting go of wing strut). We had to climb out of this cessna by standing on the wheel axle or whatever you want to call it, and holding on to the wing strut. Then we would swing out letting feet go and just hang for a few seconds on the wing strut until the jump master said go. The point of this was so the jump master could throw out our deployment chutes for us in case newbies forget to throw it out of the front pouch.

All in all it was over pretty quick (~3min floating down), but worth the experience.

I used to jump quite a bit. It’s a lot of fun, but can be quite expensive also.

There is nothing like the first kiss you get in free fall or the first time you jump with a bunch of ladies in lingerie. Can’t beat it.

Never been…Tried to go indoor skydiving in Vegas last year, but couldn’t since my friend is such a lard ass. We all had the mentality that if we all couldn’t do, none of us could do it. Fat ass…

did a tandem jump on my birthday years ago…

it was truly unbelievable and something i will never forget for the rest of my days.

if you go, and have the option, get the pics and video of your jump. it’ll cost you a few bucks more, but will be well worth it.

Skydiving is a trip! Literally! Just get your ass up in a plane and do it, at least once.

I recommend going tandem, where you’re strapped to an instructor. That way you can do a freefall. Really, static-line, where your chute gets pulled as you leave the plane – without the freefall – sounds boring to me.


[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Anyone ever been? [/quote]

For a living.

[quote]mclemorejohn wrote:
do it, it’s awesome. [/quote]

I want to- for my 18th birthday.

Did a tandem a few years back. It’s one of those experiences that make you glad to be alive.

we went to 15k feet and jumped tandem. i went with some really good friends and we were all on the same plane. we were in freefall for about 45sec to 1min. the first 5 seconds you can’t breathe and you kinda loose your stomach. after you catch breath you get the feeling of just floating. it’s not like a roller coaster ride where you constanly get that loose your gut feeling. make sure to get a video made. you will watch it and get that same nervous feeling again. it’s one of those great moments in life that make you feel great about like that hot blonde on the adductor machine, or your first time benching 300 or doing squats so deep your hemroids hurt(heroids for women)

a pre jump pic

On your first free-fall, you will know why birds sing.

Amazing, love it, exhilarating, the ultimate thrill ride.

Can you tell I like it?


I’ve been in an airborn unit in the army (germany) and I also went sky diving afterwards…

It still scares me but I can’t stop doing it, it’s just awesome, will give you a whole new perspective (not just literally) of things!!!

just writing this makes me wanna go jump out of a plane right now…btw has anyone ever tried base jumping?

I went tandem a few times. I loved it. I just can’t take up a new hobby…

But I think you should try it. It’s a great experience. I did it years ago and still long to do it again.
I was thinking of tyring soon.

It’s on the “to-do” before I die list.

If you take lessons go for accelerated free fall. You will jump with two instructors holding on to you. This will give you the feeling of freefall without having someone attached. The instructor will pull your ripcord for you and you land alone. This gives you more control.

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