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Skullcrushers and BB Row Question


Skullcrushers - are you supposed to try and keep your elbows in on this lift???? It makes it harder and i have to use less weight, when my elbows are out a bit more i can lift more. I dont wanna cheat the lift and im sure im not using my chest or anything, the movement is still only bending with the elbows.

Bent over BB Row - how do you know if your doing these right??? ok a iffy question i know, its just a problem i have with alot of my lifts even though the weight is going up and up i start to question if my form is right. With the lighter weight the movement is explosive and i ram the bar into my stomach/rib area, with the heaviest its more like a tap then bam 'aint no way i can hold it there for 2 secs, put it back down, Im still lifting the weight though and its still going up


Yes, keep your elbows in on skullcrushers. Otherwise, your internal rotators and pecs get in on the action.

With bent rows there is definitely such a thing as being too strict on form. Usually, the guys trying to be really strict - no leg drive, 2sec hold - are the smaller guys. You simply can't put enough stress on your back that way. I changed my form when I saw a vid of Magnus Samuelsson doing rows - starting the lift almost like a hang clean, good leg drive, pulling it into his weight belt and controlling the negative.


Good vid on BB ros by Scott Abel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyC6Doaajxc


Dorian used strict as hell BB row form and was pretty big

but Ronnie used looser form and was sorta big too so whatevz


My point is do what feels comfortable and gain strength without compromising that form and you're good to go.


Meh. Using elite-level bodybuilders as examples is pretty pointless. Course, I sorta did the same thing, didn't I?

The main thing is to hit the target muscle as hard as possible. If using heavier weight with some leg drive hits your back better, use it. If strict form with lighter weight hits it better, use that.


thanks for the advice, ive lowered the weight on skull crushers and it hits the tris harder. With the bb rows im just gonna stick with what im doing, weight is going up and form isnt horribly bad or anything, Ill see where it gets me


Hi Bigbossmdk,

Have you thought of alternatives for back excercises you could try lying rows (impossible to perform incorrectly or poorly imo) or barbell raises.