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Skull Crushers to the Chin

Could someone please post a link or decribe how these are done using good form?


Ciao Brette, here is a link to the “California Skull Crusher”, that was issued in T-mag #18, Sept. 1998… I guess nobody has no more doubt that I followed T-Mag since the very beginning!!!

Ciao Brette… Soo sorry, I forgot to attach the link, here it is:


It seems to me that you are not talking about the California excercise. I have done the excercise you are talking about and it works great. I got it out of the book the Poliquin Principles. It is a combination of the close grip bench and the skull crusher but not the way TC described. Basically you do a skull crusher but end at your chin instead of your forehead. To do this in good form, still concentrate on keeping your elbows from flaring out and as the bar comes toward your chin your upper arms will have to come down more towards your sides. So when you press it up again bringing your arms perpendicular to your body. This makes it a combination of skull crushers and close grip bench. Works great. I hope that wasn’t too confusing. Sorry i don’t have a link. Anyone disagree with me?

MrZ. I thank you for that link. I had never heard of those. So basically you are doing a positive CGBench and a negative skull crusher. Probably works great because you can do more weight then just doing skull crushers but obviously not as much as if you just did CGbench. I’ll try them. Looky here everyone is learning. :wink:

The California Press is slightly different than the California Skull Crusher. There’s a brief explanation in Coach Poliquin’s Top 10 Tricep Exercises. Danny’s explanation is actually probably more thorough than you get in the article, but there is an accompanying photo in the latter.