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Skull Caps


With autumn aproaching us, and winter not too far behind, it is once again that time of year when all the T-men and T-vixiens must ask that time honored question.

Can we please get some T-Nation skull caps??!!


winter? i live in california, i know not of this winter of which you speak.




just rub it in, why don't you.....


FYI, Winter is a three-day window of colder temperatures, sometimes--though rarely--going as low as 30 degrees. In Texas, we tend to celebrate this miraculous three-day event dubbed Winter by not sweating so much as usual.


no, no, no, Winter is the main season of the year, sandwiched in between "almost winter" and "fuck, rain and snowmelt, time to pump out the basement" (the fourth season being "road construction"). It's a beautiful time of year when all road construction stops and the potholes fill in with ice and snow to make the roads smoother.

The sun is rarely seen during this glorious season, either because night goes from 4pm to 8am or because it's cloudy and gray during daylight hours. Sunburns are replaced by ski tans, summer clothes are put in the closet to be replaced by several layers of wool and fleece, and alcohol sales skyrocket as winter depression sets in.

Ahh, the wonders of winter in new england!


This midwesterner says, Hell yeah.


Just order one from www.elitefts.com. They're more hardcore overthere anyway.



I would say that it's a good idea, but I think all of the skull caps are molded from a cast of Dave Tate's head--my last skullcap was HYUGE.

I had to use it as a condom instead.



Truer words have not been spoken in quite a while.

I remember long debates with my college friends about the diferent gradations that Boston had in the winter: scary cold, fuckin' cold, retahded cold, holy shit cold, skipping class cold, God is dead cold, you gotta be shittin' me cold, and February.


I second this on one requirement: everyone who buys one must take pictures of themselves training while wearing the skullcap, sunglasses, and work boots.


In San Antonio we have summer and not as hot as summer.


You must be a real "looser". The Bastard Dan Fouts gave me one for FREE. He whined to Jim Wendler and Wendler sent him 6 for free.




Welcome to Western New York, where we get all of that plus lake effect snow. There's about a 6 month period where I don't see the sun. Ever. When I go to work it's dark, when I leave work it's dark, and I have no windows.

You're spot on with the seasons though. Winter and Construction are our main 2 seasons, with Flooding and Rotting being spring and fall.


Awesome post. I couldn't agree with you more. Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go sun myself on a rock outside while I still can.


And just what the hell are you talking about? You live in South Carolina for petes sake! You don't know what winter is either.

I'm hardcore, I live in Wisconsin! I know what winter is....... and I FUKIN HATE IT! Can I come live with you for the winter? haha


Only if I can wear my deadlifting thong as well. How's that for a mental picture?


I swear to you that a shiver just went up my spine.


Dave Tate handed me one at the Test Fest after he threw the rest over my head because he felt bad for my hungover ass sittin in the back row with Danny Boy Fouts(bless his soul). You wanna wear them in AZ? We can be like "Bastards Quadruplets"!