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i am by no means a clubhead, but my dj roommate was listening to this and i gotta say it got me kinda pumped up go workout, and yes i put 20 dollars in the douchebag jar for this post.


There is already a dubstep thread


I saw the dude from Skrillex live when I was in high school. He used to be in a screamo band called From First to Last.


Jesus this is trash.


I fucking love Avicii

Swedish House music FTW!

Personally I like the original better

music video kicks ass too


Is it because you secretly want to dance like that infront of your co-workers?


I like electronic music, but this doesn't cut it for me. But hey, to each their own.


The chick is hot: WIN!

Skrillex/Sonny Moore/FFTL: WIN!

All around great post. I just got the new Skrillex EP. Pretty legit!


I'll just leave this here regarding avicii levels. I like it. I also like some of the electronic music and dubstep. I liked the song in the op too.

Probably one of my favorite dubstep songs.


It's a good song. The original is pretty boring compared.


I went to Avicii for new years eve at pier 94 in NYC.... SO much fucking fun!

And yeah, there are a few dubstep songs that play on my rammstein pandora station while I lift. 'first of the year' by skrillex gets me pretty pumped up.


That jar must have thousands of dollars in it.


I had no respect for Skrillex when he was known as Sonny Moore and singing for "From First to Last" and I have even less for him now. I pray that the whole dubstep fad dies out soon. Props to the "musicians" for making a living out of what they love, but their output is a spit in the face to muscians all around the world


You sound like the old farts who said the same shit about American hardcore back in the day.


you have no idea...


Would you want me to sound any other way?


That's so cute, you think people give a fuck.


You're as mainstream as the people the punks despised.


To the OP: Pretty good remix, probably the best one out there.

I've seen avicii twice now, and I gotta say he's much overrated. Everyone who isn't in the scene of electronic music love him, because they don't really know much better. Granted he does have some pretty sick tunes but there's a lot better out there.

I saw avicii on NY in niagra before he went off to pier 94.. can't say I enjoyed him as much as manzone&strong and Aoki (who is by far one of the best performers out there)


Another amazing song ruined by Skrillex..