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Ski's Training Log

Ski’s training log
Build my body the Marine Corps way… somewhat

I’ve been trolling for the most of the time I’ve been a member. Picking up this and that and learning from as many as possible. I recently had a shoulder surgery (four days ago), so I’m treating my training as starting over, and I want to share and learn.

If you cannot tell, I am in the United States Marine Corps, therefore my strength, conditioning and health has fluctuated often. I enjoy being in the Corps, but its not 24/7 freaking sweet like in the commercials, and I ended up with a shoulder injury from poorly planned Physical Training (PT).

Lift numbers:
10% body fat
deadlift 380
squat 290
bench 190 (best was 245)
pull-ups 17 (best was 24)

My goals were:
Get to 200lbs by the ball (Nov 11), maintain bf %
400 dead by the new year
310 squat by the new year
225 bench asap
20+ pull-up by the ball

Current goals:
Reduce bf % to 5-6%
Recover shoulder
Increase lower-body strength
Increase calves size/strength

Currently I walk around 3+ miles a day with cardio intervals every other day. I will be organizing the training, upping the mileage and difficulty. I intend on incorporating conditioning humps (or forced marches) for some steady state exercise, as well as fat loss. Once I am able, I plan on adding first zercher squats and then front squats for strength training. Fireman carry squats are currently planned on being used as well in place of back-squatting in the near-term.

I will get into my training history and nutrition plan next post.