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I was wondering if anyone uses skipping (interval style)as a GPP workout, or skipping with some bodyweight exercise. I want to start GPP for my westside routine. I have thought about the wheel barrow, or sled dragging,but I don’t think I want to be doing those around my neighbourhood. I might be locked up by my neighbours.

Thanx for any input.

Jeff CAldwell

GPP work should be related to the sport that you are training for. Are you a powerlifter? If that is the case, then you need to get a sled and some medicine balls and drive to a park where you can work out. If not a powerlifter, then let me know what you are training for and I could give you some suggestions.

You are worried what people will think of sled dragging or wheelbarrow pushing, but want to skip instead! All would be good for gpp. I’ve pushed cars and drug weights by my office and haven’t worried what people think. Some have asked, so I gave them a nice polite explanation that seemed to work.

I dunno… I’ve always found that normal folks are rather interested in unusual training methods. So few people know their neighbors these days that wheelbarrowing might be a good way for you to strike up a conversation with yours.

I would consider skipping Non-weighted GPP and sled dragging and wheelbarrow strolls as Weighted GPP. Currently I use both methods in my training. On my non-lift days I go to the park and do some Non-weighted GPP (jacks, shuffle splits, hops, slalom hops) and Weighted GPP (sled dragging). This might not be optimal but it fits into my schedule. I also do dumbbell farmer walks as a finisher on my lift days and currently walk with 40’s for 5 minutes. After I build up with that I might employ some wheelbarrow strolls. My advice, don’t afraid to train differently. The gains will come soon my friend.

I use skipping (interval style) but after a few weeks I start to experience lower back spasm and tight hamstrings. I think I am creating an imbalance with too much quad work. I have been looking for some glute/ham GPP but other than glute/ham raise I cannot find any I can do at home.

I emailed Coach davies about skipping in his power-speed drills and he suggested the following if training 3x/wk

Monday B, C, Butt Kick(BK), High Knee(HK)

Wednesday: B, C, BK

Friday: B, C, BK, HK

all are done for 5x20yards

B’s are skipping w/ knees coming up amd down with some forrce but at an easy cadence try to bring your ankle on lead leg as high as your knee

C’s are same as B’s but you kick, or extend the lead leg at the top

His book is awesome and worth every penny


I’d had similar problems. Read Ian Kings article about the lower back it was really good.

To sum up the article:

Stretch your hip flexors: I do lots of heavy squatting and mine were tight as hell. This was my problem

Stretch Quads

Strengthen Glutes and Hamstrings

Stiff Leg DL, Good Morning, Dumbell Swing, DB snatch regular Deadlifts, hyper extensions, reverse hypers (you can do these w/out a machine), glute ham raises

Strengthen abs, everyone knows a million ab exercises so no need to elaborate.

one exercise that really helped me was the windmill, see coach davies real abs article, if you focus on shooting your hip to the side you get an exercise that works the abs and stretches the hip flexors, two birds one stone


Thanks for the tip on the windmill exercise. I tried this before but wasn’t impressed with it. I tried it today, focusing on the hip action and it work much better. This exercise will now become a regular for me. Regarding the skipping, I am still reluctant to add it back to my workout. This is the second time I tried it with the same result - lower back spasm and tight hamstrings. Also, I am very familiar with Ian kings theory on the quad imbalance and it’s affect on the back. I stretch my quads regularly. Infact, I have Ian King’s 4 tape series on stretching. I’d like to think I have my stretching/flexability in order. I just need to be more diligent in developing my posterior chain. The windmill should help.