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Skipping Workout

I am on my week 3 cycle 3 of wendler 5 3 1. Currently in the week i have done my bench and squats day. However due to circumstances, i will be going away today and wont be back till next week thursday and so I wont be able to do my deadlift and OHP 531 for this week. Next week is supposed to be my deload, I mean im guessing its okay if i do my deadlift and OHP next week right? Its not gonna affect the program significantly?:))

Don’t worry about it. Do your deadlift and ohp as planned and then take a deload week.

ya, that’s all you can do. Just don’t worry about it, you might still PR because of that rest that your taking. If you don’t, than such as life, just carry on with the programming. Good luck man!

If you’re only lifting two days this week and do the other to next week, that should work as a good deload like that. Just come back and do a normal week after you deadlift and press next week.

Personally, I would find a gym and do one day where you do the bench and squat main work, perhaps the supplemental work depending on how much time you have.

I’m not sure what the point of deloading is if you’re going to throw half of your most intense work for the month into the middle of it.