Skipping/Shin Splints

I’ve been doing alot of skipping lately, and I love it, but my shins are killing me.

Does anyone have any good advice for eliminating some of the pain.

Yes, I know new shoes will help, but that’s an expensive option right now.

Also, I’m talking about skipping at the gym, so building fancy platforms and whatever are not available.

Thanks for any advice

If the shin splints are due to weakness in the shin muscles then you can do this exercise:

Sit on a bench with your heels on the edge, put a dumbell between your feet and do toe raises then lower your feet as far as possible, then back up. This has always cured my shin splints. I like sets of 10-15 reps w. a moderately challenging weight, after a few weeks of doing this my shin splints go away and I chuck this exercise. Once or twice a week should be enough.

dumbbell dorsiflexions and uh skip on a softer surface.

Thanks Bramstroker, that’s some good advice.
I was hoping that it was simply due to weakness in that area since I haven’t done much skipping in the past.

It’s nice to know that I won’t have to always deal with the pain.