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Skipping Push Accessories?

Can I just not do them on upper body days?

I made it a goal for this quarantine to dogmatically follow a 5/3/1 template, no questions asked, 'cause last time I did, it (shocker) worked like a charm. That was back in the Beyond days, so apparently I have some catching up to do, so sorry if this is a stupid question, but my shoulders & elbows would so much rather me swap out the push accessory for some rotator cuff work or nothing at all after all the main & supplemental bench & ohp stuff.

If it helps, I was planning on doing the 5’s pro gimmick w/ FSL 5 x 5. Unless I’m way off base, it’s my understanding that I’m then supposed to do push/pull/legs(or core) accessories afterwards.

Here’s the rule I adhere to,


You can do whatever you want, but Jim wasn’t just making stuff up when he came up with the assistance work.

If your joints really can’t handle 25 reps of band push downs on your press days, I would figure out WHY that is the case.

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Right on, I’ll just throw in something little. Like I said, I really wanna dogmatically follow a template. Seems irrational, but it’s almost like a goal in side of a goal 'cause I have training ADD. I’m just getting used to the new 5/3/1. I bought the beyond book back in '14 and haven’t really checked in since.

Sticking to something small is the right idea. Do dumbbell presses on your lower body days and delt raises or triceps stuff on your upper body days.

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