Skipping One TRT Shot

Im currently sitting at 1200+ Total Test and 250 free test.

Im about to go into SWAT week October 16th (Sun). I will have had a shot the day before (Sat) going into Hell week. My next shot will be due on that Wednesday. I have no idea where exactly I will be on that day if Im even near my stuff. If I were to just go ahead and plan on just skipping Wednesdays shot and wait until I get back home for Saturdays mornings shot, should I be ok? Currently taking 60mg twice a week. My script allows for 100mg a week. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. @KSman

anyone have any thoughts on this?

Are you using an AI?

You could skip or take 120mg for the week.

I thought about the double shot but wasnt sure if it would cause to much of a disturbance. Yes I have adex. Maybe thats what i’ll do instead. Any recommendation on adex dose? Im currently only taking 1/16th tab while I figure out how much I can handle. currently it feels like its not quite enough. @ksman

When you take more T, you need more adex. But it will fade faster than T does.