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Skipping Breakfast?


Is skipping breakfast really a big deal? I've read that the reason people say it is bad is that by lunch time people tend to eat more due to feeling overly hungry but if you have control over this is skipping breakfast really all that bad?


You haven't eaten all night, and then you want to wait an additional few hours to give your body the proper nutrients to grow/metabolize fat?


Skipping breakfast is insane if you're weightlifting. You're trying to get in all your calories and you want to SKIP meals! It's totally out of the question. If you can't tolerate eating breakfast than take up a different hobby.


I understand. I've been lifting for football the past two yrs... But ive always been a big guy i play OL... but jus recently ive decided to take workin out and my nutrition more seriously. Im trying to make a life style change for the better. thanks for the responses.


I understand. I've been lifting for football the past two yrs... But ive always been a big guy i play OL... but jus recently ive decided to take workin out and my nutrition more seriously. Im trying to make a life style change for the better.
thanks for the responses.


...uh yeah, it's really not a good decision - especially if you're lifting. Always make sure you eat something after waking up.


I skip breakfast at least 3 times per week, usually 4 or so. On those days I usually don't eat til 12 or 1, after I've worked out (getting up at 5 or 530am). Just black coffee pre-workout. Other times I skip dinner. Sometimes I eat all day from when I wake up until bed.

Muscle size is secondary to performance for me but i've put on muscle eating like this and have a pretty muscular physique. There are probably a couple other intermittent-fasters around here somewhere that could offer more advice.

Like you mentioned, its kind've key not to break your fast with a huge crappy meal. Also to have variation with your fasts.

I'm 5'10, 10%bf, and 193lbs, gaining strength on all my lifts. I'm not recommending that you eat like this, and guys will probably jump all over my post, but it works for me and others.

I see a lot of guys who do the protein shake thing all the time, eating 6-8 times per day and what not, training all the time, etc. Most of them just look like they are eating more than they need to be. (This doesn't apply if you have a super lean physique naturally, if you're on drugs, or are really carefully monitoring everything you eat all the time and training hard, like some of the guys here).

My thoughts and nothing more.


gi2eg, on days when you skip breakfast do you still get in all your calories and protein?


People try to make up by not eating breakfast at lunch like you said. Yout body will use muscle for fuel if breakfast is skipped and you don't eat until afternoon.

Really depends on your goals. If you're trying to gain mass while staying lean, you'll most likely just spin your wheels.



Yeah, for certain periods of growth I do. But again there is a range. Some days I just eat a lot all day. If my workout was not too tough, I might eat 2500 calories in a 5 hour period. If I have a really tough workout with lots of reps, I might eat 4,000 in an 8 hour period. I will usually end a fast with a workout, and then my first meal will obviously go where I want it to. If I'm consciously trying to gain muscle (which I only did a couple of times) I will just make sure i'm eating clean, and a lot of calories, and will shorten my fasts by a couple of hours and fast 1-2 fewer times per week.

Its way overstated how much muscle you will lose in any given period of time. There will be a short transition period, but your body will use fat for fuel, especially if you avoid most starches, as I do.

Remember that your body grows in spurts, its not a simple equation. This is why the body is able to grow when you eat in spurts. Burn fat while you're hungry and insulin/carbohydrate levels are low, build muscle while macro-nutrients are available. So it's actually possible to do both at once while staying lean.

If you're lifting heavy/training hard, your body will want to keep muscle mass.


Misinformation. You only weigh 190lbs which is why you can get away with missing a few meals every week and not notice any negative effects from this inconsistency. If you didn't know, though it may be hard to tell in a sea of obesity, but for 5'10", that is about what an average healthy man should weigh if they are active. If someone had the goal of actually gaining significant muscle mass, missing those meals every week would hold back progress.

I am not sure why anyone would half ass their way through this. Even on off days I would still eat breakfast.




You're right, although he's a big guy already, since absolute strength is more important than relative (unlike most positions other than O-line, even D-line), he could forcefeed all the time/whole-ass it.

I still think that most people that eat all the time are heavier than they need to be for optimal performance.


I think that everybody has different views on something like this. In most cases if you want to gain alot of mass etc it may be better to eat breakfast everyday for wanting to get big. I also think that the type of body you want and what your body is use to is also important, so i agree with both sides here.
Just do what you prefer to do and if it works then keep at it.


good post, sorry to all if mine was misleading.


I can't think of a single scenario under which somebody would be better served, nutritionally speaking, by compromising the first meal of the day.


6- 8 meals a day yo


Me either. I'm actually surprised anyone would write something like that. Of all meals to skip, breakfast isn't one of them.

I swear the advice on this board lately apparently needs to be grouped into two categories; Group A: those who actually plan to make enough progress to be significantly different next year and Group B: Those who actually seem to work hard at staying exactly the same or regressing.


Eating Breakfast is like brushing your teeth. You do it every morning no excuses.


absolutely. how do you plan the rest of the day meal wise, when you've already fucked it all up