Skipping a Week of Westside

I just started my 2nd 8 week cycle of Westside. I’m going to be testing on Aug 5th, and I plan on starting the third cycle on Aug 9th. Here’s my problem: I’m an assistant coach on a high school football team, and we start doubles on Aug 16th, so lifting will be, at best, rough that week, and during the week of the 23rd, I will be away at camp, so I will miss an entire week of Westside, no way around it. I’m hoping that if i start planning this far in advance, I will be able to work something out. What should i do? just suck it up during week 2 (Aug 16) and skip over week 3? or start week 3 on Aug 30? any suggestions by someone who has coordinated a scheduled absence from the gym?

I really don’t see a problem skipping a week with Westside style training. With the variety involved in westside, I don’t see how just one week off would throw you off track.

Westside is meant to be peronally tailored for your own needs, so just tailor your week off how you like. After your week off, if you want re-do the previous week, then do it. If you just want to pick up where you left off than do it.

The point is, I don’t see it making a huge difference either way.

I would just make the test week or day right before you leave then the week at camp would be your week off. Thats how I schedule my training when I am out of town. Westside training is more of an ongoing training style and you dont really need to do cycles but thats just my opinion. Taking a cycle an extra week or so longer is not that big of a deal anyway. Good luck.

If you have bands and can take them with you try using them for some assist on your off week.

No big deal. I wouldn’t give it much thought.

Just start up again in the same sequence you would have been doing. Ideally, these would be your DE days, but not that big of a deal.