Skipped Squat Assistance, Do It Day After?

hey guys. One question regarding my decision I made yesterday. It was 531 day (3rd week of 1st cycle) squat day. I woke up with a gnarly headache and still mustered up the energy to do the squats. I decided the assistance work Ill do later in the day. I didnt get to it because of school and work stuff getting in the way.

Would it be ok to do the assistance for squats today??
p.s.its been an amazing first cycle, i love this, ive hit 4 “lifetime” prs so far, Im definetly doing deload next week as written.

I’d just skip it and use the extra recovery.
In the long term, it will mean nothing at all.



Jim mentioned in one of his books or articles that one of his templates is called “I’m Not Doing Jack Shit,” in which he didn’t do any assistance, only the main lift. Doing it for a while might leave some gains on table, but there’s no issue with doing it every now and then.

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I do this, mostly because I do that workout at home so I can use my SSB bar then the following day I do cardio and a little bit of extra leg work at my gym.

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ok, thanks for the input!

ya, i like doing my main lifts at home for a few reasons. No distractions, no holdups, standard 45 barbell not questioning if the bar is an exact 45 or 35lb lifefitness bar lol