Skipped PTC, Too Late to Start?

My first post here, apologies if I don’t provide all the background info or mangle the description, but here goes:

I’m 40, this was my third cycle ever, and I ran 12 weeks of sust and deca (1 cc and .8 cc x 2 week)

Then tapered 1 cc sust every other week for 8 weeks)

As of today it’s been two months since my last jab and I purposefully skipped the clomid/nova PTC (although I have it available). Previously, either one seemed to mess with my head and emotions and I didn’t want to go through it again.

At this point my strength is at about 85-90% of my last week on cycle, my sex drive seems normal (off cycle normal) and other than a few unplanned afternoon naps, my energy level and emotions seem normal.

I am a bit concerned that not taking PTC could affect my fertility in the long run, so that instead of it taking 12 months for my boys to fully recover, it could take years if I don’t take PTC.

Is 8 weeks after last jab too late to start PTC?

Should I even bother with PTC if I plan to start another cycle in the Fall?

I feel great and feel like I’m holding onto my gains but concerned about long term effect.

What dosage of clomid/nolva did you previously use for PCT? You were probably using doses that were too high.

I would also get my blood tested to see if hormonal levels have actually returned to normal.
As this is only your 3rd cycle and you are middle aged, its better to be safe than sorry and do a proper pct when it comes doing anabolics.

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Nova was 40/20/20/20

Clomid was 100/50/50/50

Used Nova for first PTC and Clomid for the second. The clomid seem to create more adverse effects, but both effected my head more than I could tolerate.

I live in a Thailand and need to be very specific about which blood work tests I need otherwise they test more than they need to or don’t test the right thing.

Which blood test(s) should I request?


PCT is not magic man… you’ll not lose your fertility if you don’t take it…
8 weeks you still have some steroid in blood… that’s why you’re feeling normal. You can do PCT if you want…

Its a pretty long list, and I don’t have access to my test results at the moment. Off the top of my head SHGB, Testosterone, Lutenizing hormone, prolactin, PSA.
A search about “blood tests” on this site can give you a good idea, but best to tell your Dr your situation, and he should be able to recommend the necessary panel.