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Skiploading on a Gaining Diet?


I know skiploading is used mainly for dieting down..can it be incooperated during a modest gaining phase? How so? Do any of you guys do it?

If not a pure skiploading..a weekly cheat day or refeed during a gaining phase?


I think if you are in a gaining phase, taking in carbs in an ample amount to gain weight during the week and fuel your workouts, a skipload or whole cheat day would be overkill for those who have less than genetically-gifted metabolism (i.e. most of us) and would just lead to some fat spillover. Really, if you are in a gaining phase at all, there's not much physiological benefit to a cheat meal, but there is a psychological one. So if I were you I'd just keep it to a cheat meal.


Skipload is used during "offseason".

That is all I will say as I know for a fact this is public. Cant say more than that sorry

There might be a bit more info than that in the Q & A part of the dvd, or in the question section on his forum. Not sure


I will take for granted that you feel the same about a "Skipload"

And this isnt true


OK, well that's my opinion on cheat meals in gaining phases, formed from my readings on Shelby Starnes' e-books mainly.

As for Skipload, I'm sure you know more about it than me since you've worked with Skip, so I'll take your word for it. I'm intrigued into how it works, though, since I assume the lifter is taking in lots of carbs during the week, then I figured there'd be some fat spillover... Maybe he does carb-cycling with some low-carb day(s) before the skipload, but I'm just speculating. :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously tough, all your diet needs to be "adjusted" to the fact that you will have a day where you skipload

So in that sense Andy, what you wrote about the fat gain and stuff is correct as that is probably what it would lead to if someone just "added" a skipload day to their diet without changing anything else


The way I have things set up now is...I have higher carb days when I train...approx. 250g of carbs (not that high)..and low days when I rest...which carbs are just from trace sources. Calories are also much lower on rest days.

Sundays..After I train..I eat whatever I want for the rest of the day until I go to sleep. This is about a 4-5 hour window...and I tend to get in like 600g of carbs and 5000kcal. Like John Romaniello, I follow this the next day with a longer fast, in which I train with just BCAAs..I then break the fast late after training with 1 balanced meal. This comes out to 1000kcal for that whole day typically. By Tuesday-Wednesday I'm back to the same as I was the morning of Sunday.

That is basically a "shitload" though...and I was thinking this Sunday of doing as pure carb as I can. Zraw, why would you be afraid of this being public? Intensemuscle is public and all this info seems to be posted pretty freely there. As well as Skips Longevity DVD free on youtube. The way I'd understand it is..the skipload is always done based on hunger, never numbers. Therefore, you'd have less fat gain in the offseason if you do it based on hunger because you simply shouldn't be as hungry, due to not being as depleted as you would be during a harder diet. Therefore, if I simply go by legitimate hunger on my Sunday refeeds..drink a ton of water and follow it the next day with the very low cal/fast...I believe I should be good. That's my opinion and I need to try it to see.

I wanted to see how others are doing it though and compare..


facko did you read the recent article by JM and Bill W on protein synthesis? Might want to look at that before only consuming BCAAs druing a workout and nothign before


uh oh...


What is not public and is not on the dvd is how is your diet adjusted on the other days, how long should you skipload, how to know if you need more or less hours of skiploading, etc etc.

And really, this is pretty much individualistic.

You are right that you should go by hunger and that is public info

What is also public is that you should try not drinking water while you are loading

The reason why I cant comment on the rest is that I am working with Skip still and the rest of these infos are private, sorry


That article completely changed how I normally go about my pre-workout meal. If there's protein synthesis to be had, even though it's 'least' important in the pre-workout time, I'm jumping on it.

That's why I think for people doing LeanGains, maybe the one meal pre-workout (1 hour pre, instead of ~3 hours like Berkhan suggests) is the best option for those who don't really want to miss out of any muscle-growing opportunities.


I did read it...I found the take home point about PRE workout was mainly in regards to getting aminos. Carbs being mainly optional...it's the aminos (for most people a complete protein source like a whey shake w/optional carbs...for me 10g BCAAs) that will prevent shutting down mTOR signaling.

I backload my carbs, so from the night before..I still have a good amount of carbs present via glycogen stores. For me...I find protein like a whey shake or just BCAAs pre...protein or BCAAs during and protein with a heavy carb load AFTER is best. So technically..I'm not really training fasted...and I believe that I'm doing enough to prevent AMPK from being signaled.


facko, do you enjoy doing this diet, or are you just getting such bad-a results that putting this much energy and thought into it is worth it for you? I'm legitimately curious, as it just seems like you are careening toward the overanalysis category, where your marginal investment in time and energy is almost nil.


I guess another way of putting my question is whether you've just tried the 'lift heavy things, eat a lot, get enough sleep' approach to lifting.


The3Commandments, there's nothing really 'diet-ish' about LeanGains, it's just eating in a way that fits people's preference, lifestyle, and psyche.


Do you notice my join date? 05 bro...I've done the lift heavy and eat approach..that's why I've competed and placed in USAPL at 181lb weight class...I obviously can put on size and strength.

There's no overanalysis in my game bro..