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Skip or Offset?


if you can't work out at the normal time, do you think it's better ot skip that workout or offset it? Like, if you're dead dog sick or hung over or out of town in the BFE on a a workout day, would you skip that workout or delay it a day then put your schedule off a day for that week? I'm leaning towards delaying tomorrows due to impending wretched hangover, and then lifting Tues/Thurs/Sat next week. but I'm wondering if it's better to just keep on the regular schedule ad miss monday's? I can't tell, and I can't think too well atm.


Is "not getting wretchedly hungover" an option? :wink:

I don't remember offhand what your weekly schedule is like, but either way should be fine as long as you don't make a habit out of it. No single workout is make or break, it's weeks and months strung together that matter more. So if you have to sub in a "spontaneous recovery day" where a training session would've been, just make sure you attack the weights 105% next chance you get.

Or, depending on exactly how rough you're feeling, you might be able to survive an active recovery session. An easy-ish 20 or 30 minutes doing whatever, later on in the day once you've gotten some food and water down and start feeling normal.


By the time I posted that, not drinking wasn't an option, unfortunately. I am not feeling as bad as I expected though--tons of water helped. I'm hoping I can do a regular session this afternoon following a nap, some more water, and some food.

it's still good to know since I have to travel semi-regularly, usually Monday morning through Wednesday evening. Normally I like a M/W/F schedule, it just works well for me. But not always, with trips to Austin or Houston for work.

I'm not drinking like that again though. F that. I hadn't done anything that dumb in a couple of years, and now I remember why.

edit: actually got an OK session in. Front squats I couldn't do; something about having the bar resting weight against my throat combined with the roiling stomach made me puke. Other than that, it wasn't fun but it wasn't awful.