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Skip La Cour

Has anybody out there had any experience training in the style of Skip Lacour, i.e. 4-6 reps,low volume? I’d like to hear your opinions.

Its advertised on the ast web site. i was on it for several months training for a contest and made the best gains of my life. i even gained while dieting. i took a week off and tried other lifting for three weeks post- diet ( gvt, upping reps or volume) it did nothing for me. i just had my 1st max-ot workout yesterday, and only lost 1 rep on my bench in that month. i know we are suppused to switch it up every few weeks but my body seems to respond to this program. if you listen to the cp audio interview on this site, he mentions every third week, decreasing volume slightly to avoid overtraining, so i might try that. its dfinitley worth a try. use powerdrive and eca or md6 prior to workouts, total focus, baby, total focus.

I used the max OT workout for a while, and it is very good for holding onto muscle when your are trying to stay at a very low bodyfat (which is Skip’s goal for much of the year). This style of training will really teach you to psyche yourself up for every set. What I learned though is that you can push your body too hard. Max OT gets real old when quad or ham day always leaves you shuddering from nervous exhaustion and covered with little red broken blood vessle splotches (not to mention repeatedly popping vessels in your eye while benching). The 4-6 rep range also prevents you from doing alot of exercises since many machines of DB racks just don’t go high enough. In concerning itself only with 4-6 rep max poundages and ignoring training variables such as volume and tempo, Max OT misses out on alot. If you want to train real heavy try a periodized powerlifting routine. I know that worked better for me.