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Skip Hill's Latest Article (35 Bullet Points On Training)

This is just terrible. If this is civilization, let it fall. Maybe this is what defeated the Romans??

I have an idea:

A bacon shrimp “burger” using savoury toasted grit cakes as “buns” - could work for polenta too

  • cook the grits very thick(butter, some milk, pinch of salt), let it set up overnight, cut out circles and grill or pan fry
  • dice up the shrimp, mix with egg yolk, add Cajun seasoning and form into patty
  • get a couple slices of bacon, crisp up in pan
  • use rendered fat to cook shrimp patty
  • assemble

Paula Deen approved!

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I can’t move, because I am spoon-feeding grits to Ronnie Coleman while he front-squats 800 lbs. (Tellingly, the only guy in the gym eating oatmeal is on the Smith machine.) #TeamBatterBowlofGrits, get it trending!

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If you throw some tomato sauce on it and call it polenta then I have one foot firmly on each side of this.

Sounds delicious. You should eat it every day!