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Skip Hill, A Real Competitor?


What do any of you knowledgeable people know about this guy?


He is a real competitor, yes.


All I know is he has to lay off the Melanotan.


One of the best prep coaches in the industry and puts out some absolutely amazing content, particularly in the form of podcasts.

Runs a forum that was, at one time, home to pretty much all the smartest guys in bodybuilding. Dante Trudel, John Meadows, Shelby Starnes, Scott Stevenson… even Phil Heath posted there at one time. Forum’s dead as disco now but all the cool shit is archived.

As for his actual competitive history he was never a big-hitter (which he freely admits himself), being much more successful as a prep guy.

I pretty much man-crush on the guy. I’ve even spoken with him about working with him but he was just a little too far out of my price range (which is hardly surprising given his clientele includes Olympians and NFL stars). In all of his correspondence he was super patient and friendly. It’s still an ambition of mine to work with him at some stage (note - I’m not a pro bodybuilder; nowhere near. He works a lot with average joes too).


Thanks Yogi1. I’ve just been reading his log at EliteFTS and the drama is like a bad movie that you can’t stop watching just to see how much worse it gets. Who really cares about his “prep” that will probably end up going nowhere, like last year.I’ll have no more to say about it.


Yeah I think you’re being a little harsh, but I can sort of see your point. If you want to read a log that’s a blazing path to glory up on the bodybuilding stage then following Skip’s prep isn’t going to excite you, but he’s never really claimed it would be so.

It’s much more of a personal battle to overcome his age, health issues, work schedule, etc. to see if he can get into the sort of condition he’s known for getting his clients into. He fully expects to get his ass handed to him when he competes in the open and has said so right from the start.

But I can see why a log like that wouldn’t be someone’s cup of tea. I would personally rather a log with some ups and downs (his DNP scare was downright frightening) than reading about some genetically gifted dude coast all the way through, but each to their own.


Side note but his article about training when you’re sick is gold. I’ve been using his traffic light approach since I read it.


He’s an entertaining writer for sure, I haven’t kept up with his elite fts log but back when I frequented intense muscle I always kept up with him there.

One of the few BBing writers than is actually interesting to read in my opinion.


so basically, you started a thread under the pretense that you had a question, but really, you just felt like bashing a stranger on the internet.

cool. how about you tell us about all your bodybuilding accomplishments? Or maybe you could start a log here, and I’ll go bash you on a different website that you’ll never read. That sounds like fun to me, it’s obviously fun for you.


I’m genuinely sorry that you’re offended by my comment. I have no interest in bashing anyone. I respect the opinions of a few people on this board, that’s why I asked about Skip Hill. You don’t know anything about me, nor do I have any need to share…except this: I am in my 70s, continue to train with intensity, and a have deep interest in learning more about fitness.


oh really. just interested in opinions, not bashing anyone? Maybe you have alzheimers, you clearly forgot you said this:

you’re right, I don’t know anything about you EXCEPT the things you’ve said in this thread. the fact that you’re old and train hard has absolutely no bearing on this thread, and I feel you shared these facts about yourself to come across as genuine and ‘just hear to learn’. But you aren’t.

Good luck with everything though.


I don’t personally follow Skip (or anyone other than my clients who I silently -usually- observe their logs), but even so, I don’t thing anyone can ever really predict if A contest thread will end in an actual victory.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be entertained or educated though. When I was still logging my own preps, i certainly tried to make it a learning experience whether I made a right call or stuck my foot it in.