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Skinny's Road to Recovery-Question

Hey Forum
Recently I have had an unsurmountable amount of work and health related problems that have prevented me from training.
I lost about 10lbs in 2 months of not training.

A few weeks ago I was eating maybe twice a day due to work schedule.

I am a scuba diving instructor and during winter I thought I would have an easy schedule. But I didnt.

For example 2 weeks ago I was taking a very big part in a World Record Dive which took about 2 weeks of prep and during the record I had a 56H moreorless sleepless shift.

I have had a hernia which prevented me from lifting. I was demotivated. I was only focused on work.

Now I am planning to continue my training.

My progress thread is :

I have a question which worries me:
I had a workout 2 weeks ago. About 10 minutes into the workout I had RIDICULOUS itching all over my body. It was unbearable. I had to stop the session.
The itching continued up until the time I took a shower.

My hygeine is very good. Even in winter. With a shower at least once every 2 days.

What caused this? Anyone ever encountered this?

I back up to eating more or less. Tomorrow I will take a shower right before the workout to see if it changes anything.

I tried searching for an answer to this but found nothing.

Anything from you guys?

Do you use a pre-workout sup.?

[quote]BlueCollarTr8n wrote:
Do you use a pre-workout sup.? [/quote]

Exactly, I perfectly know what is causing it right now.

Sorry guys. I am not using a preworkout sup right now. I know what you think it is, but it isnt.

Im Skinny, do you head to a workout immediately after diving? If so was the dive particularly deep or did you have to make a decrompession stop?

As it might have been a minor skin-bend that caused the itching.

Have you changed soap or other body lotions? Do you develop red patches or hives?

Your body may be releasing histamines in response to your working out. Try an OTC anti-histamine prior to your next workout and see if that helps.