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Skinnyfat. What's the Solution?

Hey guys

I am a guy in my 20s from Norway, which will start lifting this week. My body is quite loose, when i sit on a chair or so, then u can see the fatrolls, although, i am not fat, because my weight is 185 pounds, and my height is 6 feet 1. I would say that my bodyfatpercentage is around 25-30.

So whats ur advice? Bulking is not a option, because i will just add much more fat, what about maintance, with heavy lifting? And which program should i go for? Have tried 5x5 before, and it was just okay. Have seen that the Ice Fitness program have good reviews. Should i choose a fullbodyprogram?

Appreciate ur answers bros.

Stop worrying about bulking, maintenance, programs, etc. First you need to get into the gym. Sounds like you havent even begun and you are already ahead of yourself.

It will take some time for you to learn the proper lifts, (correct form is super critical), diet is 90% of how you look. You might invest in a qualified personal trainer to help you develop a program and to teach you how to lift. You also need a change in diet, increase your proteins, and greens and cut sugars and processed foods/carbs. East 6 times a day, clean homemade food with fresh ingredients.

Its going to take a while to see changes, dont believe all the BS you see online about instant results. Getting the results I know you want require a change in your life and your perspective. It take dedication and repetition. Not everybody can do it.

You’re lucky, when i started, i did not have the internet like it is now for a reference (20 years ago)

I have lifted before, so squats/deadlift/benchpress/curl etc are excercies i now really good. When it comes to the food, i will eat around 200 grams protein, and reduce the carbs alot.

But i am more unsure of which program i should go for. Its fullbody program the best choice?

seriously? why? This is like 80’s bodybuilder BS.

No, you don’t need to eat 6 times a day. That’s ridiculous. You CAN do that, if the meals are very small. But if you’re seriously in the 25-30 % bodyfat range, you’re gonna end up overeating if you eat that often, most likely

What’s ACTUALLY important is total calories per day, and the way your macros breakdown.

200 grams of protein is too high. I would eat 1g of protein per approximate pound of lean mass you have. Not 1g per pound of bodyweight. That theory has never made sense to me. The lean mass is all you want to be carrying, so why run a diet based off a scale weight that includes a ton of bodyfat?

So. At 185 lbs, I’m gonna say you should start to eat right around 1800 calories total. Protein should be in the realm of 120-130g of protein per day. Keep carbs moderate to start and see how your body reacts to regular gym time. Nobody can help you further than this, because you didn’t actually tell us anything about what and how much you eat now, so there’s no way for us to adjust. We don’t have a starting point. I would highly suggesting hiring a dietician or nutritionist to start you off on the right path. There’s SO MUCH VALUE in doing that. 2-3 months working with one will teach you so many life lessons regarding good eating habits.


Why is 200 grams of protein too much? Its more articles out there which sais that 1.8/2 is ideal when lifting.

Cool. Do what you want. You see my profile picture? I eat about 150 per day. I’m about 195 lbs, and strong as fuck.

I actually explained very specifically why you should go with less. You should base your protein intake on your LEAN bodymass, not your overall bodymass. You know. Exactly what I said in the paragraph above the one you quoted. Did you even read my full post?


are you this blunt in real life?

Alex, be glad that some more advanced people will drop into the Beginner’s Forum. Assume good will, that they are giving their time.


? I think I came across wrong. I’m just wondering if flip is

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Ok, understand.

But what about liftingprograms. Which should i go for? Ice Fitness? Others?

Bro, if u wanna troll, get the fack outta mah thread

Alex is a nice kid, seems like he’s asking an honest question. He’s also like 14, so I’d suggest chilling out.

In regards to a program, pretty much anything will work for you at this point so find one that you can stick to for 6 months and see where it gets you.


It wasnt BS in the 80’s and its not BS now. Just because you dont subscribe to it, doesnt make it wrong. The kid has high bodyfat and no real muscle. His metabolism is probably in the basement, we both know that several low calorie, clean meals throughout the day will help him curb his hunger and keep him from cheating plus boost his metabolism and get his insulin leveled out.


I was thinking about going with this:

Monday - Chest/triceps
Tue - Back/Biceps
Wed - Day off
Thu - Leg
Fri - Shoulders/lats


A good place to start might be Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. That is what I am trying with a few other buddies and I hope to see some of the gains he claims we will see.

Dude. you’re losing SO MUCH in translation. He’s not trolling you. He’s asking ME if I’m usually this blunt. And blunt isn’t an insult. Blunt means ‘to the point’, ‘no nonsense’, in this situation. He’s not insulting you in any way.

Literally anything that focuses on the big, compound movements will work. You’re really starting from scratch, in terms of your strength, lean mass, and bodyfat. Even the worst programs will be highly effective. I lifted like an idiot for the first few years of lifting, and still made tremendous progress.

@alex44938 depends on context. Like, this is not how I talk to friends in regular conversation, of course. But yea, when it comes to work, the gym, advice I’m giving people in real life, that kind of stuff, I absolutely can be. That being said, I don’t get this kind of pushback in real life when I talk about the gym and diet. People are far more receptive when they’re talking to me in real life. The internet seems to be just a place to argue for a lot of people.

I was watching someone do a log press a few weeks ago at the gym, and he was struggling. I gave him good, albeit unsolicited, advice. I told him his clean was terrible, and what he needed to do. He said awesome, thanks I’ll work on it. Flash forward to 3 days ago. He seems me at our competition, and can’t thank me enough for the advice I gave him.

I just don’t have patience on here to repeat everything I say. In the case above, I specifically answered the question he asked, and he straight up ignored my answer. I give my time and advice freely here. I won’t put up with people who can’t give enough attention to the posts that I write for them. It’s easier and faster to read than write. If I spend 10 minutes putting together an informative post, I expect at least a minute or 2 out of the recipient to read it carefully.


it’s BS because it’s not necessary, not because it doesn’t work. It CAN work, but there’s no reason to suggest it’s what this guy HAS to do. That was my objection. The 80’s mantra that the only way anyone ever gets in shape is through 6 meals a day is bogus. I was taught the same thing years ago, and I know that it doesn’t work as well for me as other options. That path is actually how I reached the highest bodyfat level of my life. Hence my concern.

I dont know what the hell Ice Fitness is but you need to focus on the major muscle groups: back, chest, and legs. If you are already squatting, doing deadlifts, then good for you. Keep it up. Add dumbbell bench press, standing DB shoulder presses, narrow grip chin-ups (assisted if necessary).

So shit like this is nothing for me? Will add deadlift/squats etc, excercies which trains the big musclegroups.

Monday - Chest/triceps
Tue - Back/Biceps
Wed - Day off
Thu - Leg
Fri - Shoulders/lats

Ye, seen a lot of positive reviews, but it looks so boring. No machine excercies and wh

Monday - Chest/triceps
Tue - Back/Biceps
Wed - Day off
Thu - Leg
Fri - Shoulders/lats

Please say what u think of this schedule?