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*&^%$#@! skinnyfat pencilneck geeks!

So I’m on a break @ work drinking my milk & this guy says to me ‘I thought you were into lifting isn’t that bad for that’ & I tell him milk is really good if you’re trying to gain weight.(btw I wanna get big this summer & I don’t give half a fuck what anyone thinks-Axy understands) Another guy comes in & the 1st guy shows him a pic of that (not attractive) swedish bitch Tiger Woods is pokin & says she’s hot, etc & I said he’s only got her because he’s Tiger Woods. The guy askes me since I’m so big & strong (which I’m not-yet), why don’t I get girls like her & I say because I’m not a boney rich famous golf pro who weighs less than her. The 2nd guy who came in (who ate his way up to 240 @ 6’1 at one point but has never put more than 150lbs overhead) then told me I’d just get big & fat & look like a slob like he did if I tried to get big. That’s coming from a guy who took a term off from school, trained Mentzer-once-a-week style & ate at all you can eat buffets for just about every meal & picked his nose the rest of the time. Then they (an older girl joined in too so there were 3 people pissing me off) started telling me how I’d only look good in the gym & look like a big fat pig everywhere else. The point is why do these people care what I do? Why do they feel the need to tell me what they think? I didn’t ask them what their opinion was. Who asked them. Do they think they’re looking out for me or what? I’ve told them all before that I want to get big & strong & I don’t care if I don’t look like a princess. I don’t even want to get super huge though, that’s their problem, only 245 (@6’) at the most, they make it sound like I want to get to 345 or some other out of this world hugeness. They don’t stop though, they keep bringing it up out of the blue & telling me the same things as if they think their going to change my mind. Like I care. It pisses me off that they won’t mind their own buisness that’s all.

Drax, in return, these are the same people who will raise issues about Playboy to
cope with their own inadequacies. Fuck them. Fuck them all. As for the bulking issue,
congratulations. You see, I have to tell you that I was a bit mislead by some of the
principles that occur in T-mag and on the forum, namely, short bulking-cutting etc.
It does not work - not for some of us who were very fat most of our lives. I already see Mufasa going crazy over this ;-), but if I bulk for several weeks and cut for several weeks,
despite all the precision-nutrition, detailed food logs, eating exact number of grams and
variety of proteins, fats and carbs at the right time, all that happens is that I lose
most of my gains dieting. Some of us have so poor metabolic rates, so fucked up hormonal
systems, possibly so low thyroid hormones and testosterone and fucked up estrogen that
nutritional and exercise strategies that work for most, including those on the other
side of the spectrum (skinny hardgainers), do not work at all. Extreme stress in life,
problems with sleeping and some other factors, and I happen to gather all of them in my
own situation, do not help at all.

Of course, after I became skinny, not so severely as our Eric, I had two choices. 1. To become fat again because being skinny was not an option for me 2. To gain as much muscle mass as possible regardless of the fat and then diet the fat off. Of course, this is where anabolics come into game for me because 2. is not possible without them. I know it is not because I know myself, I know what I have been doing with my diet and exercise for two years and I know what had to be done. Most of the people choose the first option, and when they get organized, you have NAAFA everybody is talking about. Not me. These are the same skinny
or fat idiots who go to gym for years looking the same and who bug me in the locker room when I eat my postworkout carbs, creatine and protein and who tell me that they don’t need all that fancy nutrition stuff.

Those assholes giving you a hard time about your training and nutrition are soon-to-be
NAAFA members, or speaking metaphorically, easy_way_outers. Trust me on this one, I have
been hanging around some bodybuilders lately and despite all the talk about women hating all
that muscle, and loving fitness model bodies and being intimidated by big men and shit, they ALL actually lust for them. This is inevitable biological fact, bigger male has better
genes, bigger male is alpha male and we are animals, despite everything Demo Dick tried to do to deny our animal nature in one of the other threads, completely neglecting nature vs. nurture principle. Maybe sentient (maybe!), but still animals. Yes, yes, now I will hear all these stories how skinny fucks get more pussy and the greatest chicks and all that, but nobody will convince me that women are not at least subconsciously more attracted
to lean, big, muscular male. If you have self esteem issues, skinny fuck is some kind of
safe bet, because he is not attractive enough to cheat on you. As simple as that.

This is utter bullshit. I am not exactly the prettiest guy around and I know I get the stares when I workout. Not because of my pretty face because I am as diabolic as a Satan’s disciple when I am working out; not because of my personality because I usually don’t socialize in the gym, but because of my size - I am 5 ft 11, 230 lbs, by no means I am the leanest guy in my gym but I am among the heaviest, biggest, baddest, look like I know what I am doing, I am constantly getting bigger, I seem determined to be successful and it draws attention, especially if you are surrounded by cellulite-mongers, skinny fats or walking
traffic sign poles with clothes on them.

Go for it. Get big, diet the lard off later. Fuck this summer, there are more summers ahead
of you. I don’t have plans for this summer because I am a fat pig now and this is how things
have to be. (I hear Mufasa screaming again…) I have some plans for the summer of 2003. I will eat and workout until then and get really big. Being 5 ft 11 180 lbs 10 % bf does not satisfy me at all. I want to be 220 10 % asap. Anything less by July 1st 2003 is not an option and represents a failure. And next time some childhood-anally-raped cunt tells you that your muscle is repulsive, tell her that you are working out for yourself, for reasons that are completely beyond her comprehension and for all those fine self-confident women who are looking better than her and who are going to be privileged to have sex with you… and tell those skinny fuckers that they can strut around with their 10" arms connected to 20" torso and a nice pair of chicken legs to match as much as they want, but you could snap their ostrich necks with two of your weakest fingers after especially gruelling workout on a ketogenic diet, seven days after you ingestrd your last carb. There are other approaches as well, one of them is keeping your mouth shut and not having any conversation with these “persons”, the other is polite question like “Aren’t you embarassed to be trapped in that body and not knowing anything about how it works, how it metabolizes food etc?” Beware of the thunderbolts emerging from they eyes connected to cortical vacuum. Yes, you can say that I am pissed off by now.

Fuck 'em Drax. Do you really care what these losers think? They are obviously trying to make up for their own shortcomings. They don’t want you to look to good because it will only make them look worse than they already do. Tell them to check out naafa.

dood here is what is going on: they suck, they want you to suck. They failed, they want you to fail. “Its impossible cuz I can’t do it” blah… don’t listen to their negativity. Next time they bring it up just say “we’ll see” as the answer or “I don’t expect you to understand” or something like that, don’t argue with logic or emotion against these doods it will only piss you off more. Get it to motivate you… prove them wrong with your success.

It’s fairly common knowledge that the vast majority of women prefer the fitness model body type to the really big muscular look. Your theory of bigger and alpha male does not hold up to reality. This is something I became aware of long ago. Most women I’ve had this sort of discussion with thought that even Arnold was too big and “cartoon” looking. I would also venture to say that body type has little to do with being an alpha male. From my experience most beatiful women end up with the “big providers.” Alpha male seems to me to be related to your bank account more than your body. It’s the old muscle complaint of “why do they go out with those geeks.” Ok, I’m done hijacking, just couldn’t resist.

Geez, you’re really hung up on how others feel about playboy aren’t you. Your taking this to an obsessive and defensive level now. Let it go. Move on fella.

Drax man, haven’t you realized that most people in this world love to see others fail. It helps them out with their pathtic, shit filled lives. Go for it man and when you get there tell them to go blow a big one. Hey, maybe when you do that chick you were talking about will do just that. Fuck em dig in and GROW!!!

Geez, Drax I actually agree with you on this one. I think this is along the same lines of no matter how much you lift, according to someone else they have a brother, cousin, etc who is bigger and stronger. Somehow there is a competition in their minds between you and whoever.

I have noticed also that when I bulked up from roughly 215 to a highpoint of 255 in about a year I got less pussy. Don’t know if I became more threatening or what. But I got more of what you got too. “Oh my buddy can squat that 10 times, you can only do 7? You shouldn’t be eating that either, gives you cancer.”

Damn, Axy. You fucking nailed it. Who gives a shit what those weak and insecure fuckers have to say. I’m 6’4" and the “strong fat guy” in the gym right now. I get all kinds of little pretty boys staring at me and thinking I’m weird for trying to put up big numbers all the time. But you know what, I don’t care. I go to the gym for me. I’ve never once socialized. When the “look at my pierced belly button” ho’s come in in the spandex bras and shorts, I don’t even give them the common courtesy of checking them out. The gym is a place to work out, not make out. And when friends or family tell me I’m going to get too big, I don’t care, either. Just because they can only bench the bar or leg press 1x their body weight doesn’t mean I need to be content to do that. I do what I want to do for me, and to hell with everyone else’s opinions. You want to get big? Get big. You don’t want to? Don’t. But do it for you, and ignore those other people. People are so insecure in themselves they try and make sure everyone else is just like them. It’s like a bucket of crabs: If one crab tries to get out, the rest pull him back in. Jealous fucks.

Man, you really need for Ko and I to come up there and buy you a beer. Dude, it doesn’t matter what others think - only that you’re doing what you want to do and that it’s of benefit for you. Chill…breathe deeply…and next time, just leave the room.

I’m thinking more along the lines of “Hey, mind your own business.” Then when they say something else, “Why don’t you shut the fuck up before I break your face you skinny pussy.” Something along those lines, they will avoid confrantation of a physical nature. Even if they would fight, it would be worth it.

Axy man I freakin can totaly relate. That line about ignoring this summer since there are going to be other summers… is perfect. And about a person’s counterpoint to chicks don’t really dig the big doods well screw that! I want the chick that will dig the big dood, I want the chick that will be attracted to the fact that I can protect her. Hence I am making myself big, strong and always ready for what is to come. When I picture in my head my ideal woman I have to then think what will attract her? Like someone said… you don’t know when your time is up, so be ready and if it is your time then die hard.

Say it ain’t so Joe: you know what is the main shortcoming of your post? The alpha male
theory always holds up to reality. It is just that in today’s society alpha male is
not exclusively somebody who is the strongest and has “the best body”… there are other
factors and money is certainly one of the most important… and I am well aware of all that.
Tyler Durden and Freebie: I am not into fooling myself; it would be great to be in shape
this summer, but it simply does not work that way for everybody. If I cut now and if I
am in shape, I will lose precious time and muscle mass to be what? 180 lbs? I don’t want
to be 180 lbs. When I am 180, I look like a concentration camp victim. I want to be
220 within a year and relatively lean and giving up one summer will hopefully enable me to achieve that. Finally, many guys say openly they are in the iron game because of the
women. I say openly that I am not. Just like Unger, when I was a fat slob, I had much
more girls. I am into this for reasons that go beyond just looks and “deeds” in the gym.
The sense of self-accomplishment after a gruelling workout cannot be compared to nothing
else: perhaps to an orgasm or driving on a limit. I also think that roughly 98 % of
human population are morons who are not worth my time. I workout for myself The rest of
2 %, where I recruit my friends, acquaintances (spelling?) and possibly significant others
will understand that. Tyler, I would say that gym could be a place to meet a girl but the fact is that I am so preoccupied by working out that I almost don’t see people around
myself. If I have a good workout, I see weights, form, time under tension and sometimes
tracers in front of my eyes if I drive my intraocular pressure way too high because of lifting weights. The pierced-tattoed-whateverthecurrentfadis girls regulary don’t enter my scope of interest because they are old news for me, I dealt with them in the past and every one of them has almost the same old goth story, problems, emotional baggage and stuff and it is not a challenge to go after them at all, it would be a total deja vu and I don’t need it.
Freebie, you are what you do when it counts. My friends are my friends because of their moral integrity. I am not big on words like “friendship” or “love”, like I already said a few times on this forum, but I am not afraid to let people know that I care about them.
People are together for various reasons and no reason at all seems to be a valid one too.
Then come the problems… :slight_smile: The best part of your post is that you “go after chicks that
dig the big dude”. My point exactly. I could never understand people that want to look like
an underwear model because women like that look. Women are attracted to you when you are in
your clothes, and when you show everything else, from your character and manners to your
money or whatever preference they have at the time. If you are reasonably fit, it’s a bit
too late when things get going and when she finds out that you don’t have a ripped 6-pack
but only 12 % bf 4-pack. :wink: On the contrary, I am the one who has to carry around this
body and I am the one who wants to be solid 220 lbs… just to consolidate things
so I can be 230… and so on. That is why this fucker is going to put the earphones on,
turn some Rammstein on, work out like crazy, eat like there is no tomorrow, sleep half the day and hit 265 lbs before cutting. When I went over 220 lbs, the women from my office
building started feeling uncomfortable around me when we are alone in the elevator. You
can feel the tension in the air. :slight_smile: I guess these women don’t “dig” 5 ft 11 bald guys wearing all black motorcycle rider’s clothes. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see their faces when I am 265… :wink:

I am having the same problems when I tell people how big i want to be. (right now I’m 190, 6’2’’ and want to get up to 220-230.) People say “Thats too big.” You know what? I don’t care if thats too big. Its probably because they just don’t know how great i’ll look and feel at that size. if they dont think so, and keep bringing it up then then well screw em. I know and you know that its going to take a lot of hard work and a lot, I mean a really lot of eating healthy foods. For everyone of them who tells you its to big, there are two of us who think you’ll look great and admire you for your will to work out no matter what.

Here’s my suggestion: When those people start in on physique this and diet that, simply get up and walk away (out of the room if possible). Don’t give them a dirty look, don’t say anything and don’t rush - just calmly gather up your stuff and leave. Next time you see them, act like nothing at all happened, talk about whatever you normally talk about. If they start in again, leave again. It won’t happen more than twice - you’ll be amazed at how effective this response can be.

Drax, you can use this to yor advntage. When you are huge and strong just act really happy around these people and they probably will realize how ignorant they were being. I work at a restaraunt and all the little mexican guys in the back call me Gordo, one called me Gringo Grande! At first I took it as an insult but then I realized that they are actually intimidated by my size and now I laugh about it. Whatever you do dont take your co-workers seriously. Just eat, lift and laugh at peoplelke this!

I disagree with your idea of the alpha male. Just looking at chimps you can see problems with your definition. The alpha male isn’t always the biggest strongest chimp. A lot of the time it is the smartest chimp or the one who makes the most friendships and has a lot of chimps backing him up.

“You can either live life for yourself, or for others.”

Man, you guys crack me up! I’m not saying this to offend Patricia, I know many women would understand, my wife is my w/o partner and can post some pretty big numbers. However, when someone at work questions you or tries to bring you down to their level (which usually includes a 20 oz. coke and a can of Pringles) just tell them “it’s a man thing-(look them up and down)- and you obviously would NOT understand.” A real woman will laugh at that one, and will understand! And if they still get on your nerves-kinda like a fat woman asking for diet advice-save it as fuel for your workout. Get big- be happy!

“For those who think, life is a comedy.
For those who feel, it’s a tragedy.”

I am not familliar with the social stratification of chimp society, but let us presume
that what you said is correct and alpha chimp is not always the strongest one. Why do you
think that one isolated example proves otherwise valid theory to be wrong?