Skinny White boy Lmao

Okay… I need some dieting advice, this is really annoying. I weigh 140 pounds and i attempt to eat everything insight. I can bench 230 squat 350 and curl 110…yet i weigh 140 and wish i could be larger, cuz i am still skinny.

eat more!!!

While the simple answer to your question is simply eat more, these may help.

Go to the frequently asked ? link on the main page and look for the below ? and the links to the diets and read up.

Good Luck you skinny bastard, from a former fattie :slight_smile:


[quote]Q: How should I eat if I want to gain weight?

A: We have several diets to choose from if your goal is pure mass gains. Try one of the following to pack on the pounds:

Massive Eating ? Part I, Part II

The Growth Surge Project ? Part I, Part II, Part III

The POW Diet

The Skinny Bastard Diet

The Get-Big Diet for Bodybuilders[/quote]